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Teens "on track"

Following on from the Low Key Open event on the weekend some of our older Teens (and one Master) took part in the first of the Cheltenham Harriers's weekly MIdsummer Open Graded meetings at Blackridge track on Wednesday.

Due to many schools having Enrichment Weeks, there were not many older Teens participating, apart from Ian Barrett! (sorry Ian, I couldn't resist).

Our members doing the 200m and Long Jump:

Aria Stavrakakis

Lucy Laight

Niall Bagot

Seb Compton

Our members doing the 600m:

Evie Mence (and Long Jump)

Ian Barrett (as a warm up?)

Our members doing the 1500m

Toby Conway

Ian Barrett !

Our 200m runners : - basis of a mixed 4x 100m relay team? (L->R), Aria, Lucy, Niall, Seb

It was very pleasing to see that the five Teens doing the long jump achieved no fouls on all four jumps and only two that were short of the board. Shows that all the practice on run-ups and good form has paid off; and thanks should go to parent, Mike Whelan, for his help in acheiving this. Their performances were good as well, all out-jumping the coach's PB!

NWI = no wind indication; measurements in metres.

Evie's leap is a new Club age and gender record, beating Aria's record. Niall's jump is an inaugural U15 boys record.

In the 200m, again we had some excellent performances:

Aria's time is another Club age and gender record. NB The wind exceeded 2m/s, but was into the face of the athletes on the first bend, so it seems a bit unreasonable to say they gained an advantage, but 'them is the rules' (so I will asterisk the record!).

In the 600m, Evie ran really well. This is an inaugral U13 girls' record, but is actually quicker than the U15 girls record!

Ian's time was an inaugural MV50 record, but did not beat the Club record, held by Archie Hatt (U17).

Lastly, but by no means least, Toby and Ian both ran well in the 1500m, as the wind got up and temperatures dropped.

As mentioned elsewhere, Ian's perfroamnce is a new Club age and gender record.

We'll be having another such "outing" on Wednesday 24th July, when the events will be :

so may interest our short and long sprinters and anyone looking for a really fast mile, plus any youngsters wanting to do triple jump or throw a javelin or shot.

I can see myself being busy updating the Club Track and Field records this summer.


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