• Tuesday evening sessions

    Winter Training Sessions

    Tuesday Evening Session

    There will be four diffferent standards training sessions in the winter. To participate in any of them you need to book the relevant session using the England Athletics' (EA) supported "RunTogether" app. Please click here for details on how to get the app.

    If you are training with the Club for the first time , since August you need to complete the General Health Questionnaire to participate. This is an EA requirement that enables us to run the sessions, as we do.

    The session will either have a coach or will be a session led by an experienced runner using a coach designed session plan. Juniors sessions will always be coached and will be fortnightly, from 6th October.

    To achieve Social Distancing means not all sessions will start at the Leisure Centre and those that do will have staggered start times, so check the Session booking for that information.

    Thursday Morning Session

    To participate in this social running session, you need to book your place using the link, here.

    The course(s) will be determined by Dick and the Socially Distanced Groups will be determined before the run run starts