Swim Challenge

For a whole Club challenge, we are going to attempt a cumulative virtual swim from
Teddington Lock up the Thames to Kemble – a distance of 151.8 miles (244.3 Km). Swim as far or as
near as you like – in a pool or open water. No distance is too short – just log it and send in details via
cirenacresults@gmail.com and Nea will plot our progress to the mighty river’s source. Who knows,
by the time we get there we might be able to meet in the relevant field –to celebrate emerging from COVID-19 restrictions together.


Week 1 (19/10 - 25/10)

Week 1 (red on map) of our River Thames club swimming challenge came to an end on Sunday with 4 swimmers putting in an impressive effort to get us a total distance of 18,432m for the week - a great start! 

This means we are at Vauxhall Bridge already and well on our way out of London with a total of 225.87km left to swim.

The Stats:

Total Mileage - 18.4km

Percentage Complete - 7.53%

Week 2 (26/10 - 01/11)

Week 3 (02/11 - 08/11)

Week 2 (green on map) of the swim challenge came to an end with another 9.5km completed making our total distance a fabulous 27,998m! Our very own Nicola W shared a photo of her efforts looking very smiley for how cold it probably was!

The Stats:

Total Mileage - 28.0km

Percentage Complete - 11.46%


This week (orange on map) the club swam a total of 15,430m - our second best week yet, despite the new lockdown restrictions. We had another photo from a very brave Nicola, this time in the Thames itself, which she said was a mighty 8°C.

The Stats:

Total Mileage - 43.43km

Percentage complete - 17.78%


This week (purple/dark pink on map) the club swam a total of 3,622m - our lovely Nicola being the only contributor this week and submitting an impressive distance despite the closure of swimming pool and the sudden recent drop in temperature and increase in rain and wind.

The Stats:

Total Mileage - 47.05km

Percentage complete - 19.26%

Week 4 (09/11 - 15/11)

Week 5 (15/11 - 22/11)

Week 6 (23/11 - 29/11)

Weeks 7&8 (30/11 - 6/12)

This week (pink on map) the club swam a total of 4,982m - Nicola being the only contributor again this week swimming the St John's Lock to Lechlade segment of the real-life Thames! 

The Stats:

Total Mileage - 52.03km

Percentage complete - 21.30%

This week (purple on map) the Nicola - our singular club swimmer for the past three weeks - has contributed 3,782m this week getting us to the equivalent of Eton College on the Thames.

The Stats:

Total Mileage - 55.81km

Percentage complete - 22.84%

Week 7, Nicola contributed 3,904m, and week  8, Nicola contributed a massive 5800m. She even said that whilst she managed to get some distance completed in the pool in week 8, she preferred the lake!! We are making excellent progress along the Thames back to home, however it would be lovely if we could have a few new contributors to help Nicola along the way!

The Stats:

Total Mileage - 65.51km

Percentage complete - 26.82%

nicola swimweek5.jpg