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XC : Under 15s course

This course is probably the most complicated as it involves the U11s race loop and a lap of the adults course.

It also entails going a different way at point C each time.

All races start and go past points ABC.

Start to Point B:

View from start

View of where end of lap:

Approaching Point B:

From B into the woods :

Through the woods to point C:

At point C runners turn left .

Point C to D:

The course descends from point C to the bottom of the valley coming out at point D.

Point D to X to E

The runners turn right and then left up the other side of the valley. They run along the edge of the field before coming back through to the gate to point E.

When get to brow of hill turn left...

Once the runners reach point E they (and all other races too) go up across the field existing through the open gate at point A, before heading off on the longer lap.

Point E to A:

When the runners reach point C they go straight on, instead of turning left, through the woods down to the valley bottom at point F.

Point C to F:

Runners turn left, back on themselves at point F.

Point F to D :

Runners then run along the bottom of the valley. It is quite wet in places with standing water in large puddles and the ground is a little boggy and slippery in places.

At point D, runners go up the hill and turn left at the top, following the edge of the woodland down to the gate and point E, as per the short lap (see above)

At point E, runners turn right and run along the bottom of the valley until after a short rise, they turn left and up the hill into the woods. At near the top of the hill runners reach point G and take a sharp left onto the track and down hill through the woods back to point E.

Point E to G:

Point G to E:

The rain has washed away the mud in places revealing the stone path underneath.

At point E, runners turn right into the field (the gate will be fully open on race day) and up to the exit gate, point A (see above) and take a right and run to the finish line.

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