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Who wants to do cross country?

Our Under 11s certainly did!

A great turnout from the Juniors and Teens groups saw over 30 runners from the Club participate in the first Gloucestershire cross-country league junior races, in Cirencester Park. With children as young as eight, through to a sixteen year old, the club was represented in all the Junior races. Unfortunately, it was a little wet and the first race was delayed by an hour due to accidents on the road to the park, so the boys and girls ran together in age group races.

Before the races, Tim Stickney took the children through a short warm-up, especially important after all the waiting around in the rain.


We had a significant number of girls turn out, enough for 5 teams of 3! There were only 5 boys, as Henry decided to run in the U13s!

First boy and girl home were Rory Brown (24th MU11) and new member Evie Mence (13th LU11). The first Girls team was 6th and the Boys eighth. Full results below.


In contrast to the U11s, we only had boys running in the U13s race.

First boy home was Ben (15th MU13) , and he was very happy with his result :

The boys teams were 5th and 7th. Full results below.


In the U15s we only had girls running and first home was Daisy (first left), seen

in action :

The girls team was 5th.

Full results below.


We only had one runner, George, in the U17s race (this is the 'super race' with U17 boys and girls running with the Under 20s, Senior Ladies and Men over 65!). He finished 17th MU17.

Full results:

(age in brackets)


Evie Mence (10) 13th

Persephone Southey (10) 22nd

Annabel Campbell (9) 30th

Emma Cunningham (10) 33rd

Nell Halliday (8) 38th

Eleanor Fraser (10) 39th

Francesca Paddock (8) 42nd

Anneliese Crawford (8) 44th

Rosie Gordon (8) 45th

Aria Stavrakakis (9) 49th

Evie Gordon (10) 50th

Isobel Daniels (10) 51st

Katie Leicester (10) 54th

Ellena Daniels (10) 55th

Kitty Lumley (9) 56th


Rory Brown (9) 24th

Ted Lockhart (9) 33rd

Charlie Cutler (8) 41st

Gabriel Lawrence (9) 42nd

Callum Phelps (10) 44th


Ben Conway (11) 15th

Joe Stickney (12) 23th

Robbie Stickney (12) 28th

Tom Pritchett (12) 33rd

Seb Compton-Evans (11) 36th

Ernie Hayward (11) 38th

Lucas Lawrence (11) 39th

Josh Neal (11) 45th

Henry Hurst (11) ~47th


Daisy van Wyk (14) 22nd

Mimi van Wyk (13) 23rd

Bella Stickney (13) 24th

Caitlin Musgrove (14) 26th


George Whelan (16) 17th

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