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Virtual Club Sessions for w/c 18th January

Spot the Club Chairperson!

Not so difficult, but where is she running?

For the sessions:

Please check here for the Health and Safety and the Sessions' guidance, if you did not read last week’s Blog.

Photo by Barry Cornelius


Session 1 : “Cut down laps”

Suitable for all standards. You need to identify a 400m loop you can use. If you do not have a GPS type tracker, run for 8% (~1/12th) of your 5k (Park Run) time at that pace, as part of the warm up.

Purpose of session : – Help practice your 10k and 5k race pace. You should be “spent” at the end.

Warm up : for 15 minutes and finish with four 15-second accelerations.

Efforts : * see table below for pace descriptions

Set 1 : Run three 400m efforts at your 10k pace with 200m jogs to recover.

Run 400m.

Set 2 : Run three 400m efforts at your 5k pace, with 200m jogs to recover.

Jog 400m.

Set 3 : Run three 400m efforts at your one-mile pace, with 200m jogs to recover.

Cool down : run for 10 to 15 minutes “easy” pace and do some static stretches to aid recovery, especially those for calf muscles, hamstrings, quads and glutes.

Some pace guidance :

Session 2 : “Standard Tempo Run”

Purpose of session : – Help improve your endurance.

Warm up run at steady pace for 10 minutes and after 5 minutes include 3 sets of strides (about 30 seconds each)

Efforts : Run for 20 minutes at a pace just a bit slower than your 10k race pace, ensuring you run at an even pace (unless terrain is hilly) – the focus is a steady intensity of effort for a prolonged time.

Option : extend tempo run time, e.g. to 25 minutes or 40 minutes but no more than hour. Reduce pace per km by 2% for 30 minutes and then 1% for every 10 minutes beyond 30 minutes, i.e. 4 to 8 seconds slower per km for 30 minutes for the range of Park Runs in Session 1 (see table) and 9 to 14 slower per km for 45 minutes, both compared to the 20 minutes pace. Lower reduction values are for the faster Park run times.

Cool down as per Session 1

Have fun with them and stay healthy.

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