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Teens Summer Challenge Heptathlon

With school about to return, there was a good turnout (20) for the last week of the Summer Challenge. With slightly less time pressure than the 21 Juniors, all three events were held:

40m dash, standing triple jump and a long run.

Over the three weeks 9 events were held, with the results from the children's best seven deciding the scores and the winners of the Summer Challenge Heptathlon.

Unlike the usual heptathlon (see picture) ours comprised :

Week 1 : 100m, howler (javelin substitute) throw, 400m

Week 2 : 60m hurdles, long jump, 800m

Week 3 : 40m, standing triple jump, long run (~1200m)

The Teens challenge was held within the usual group structure, generally the older children being in group A with the youngest in Group C, but there are exceptions!

There were some good competition with some surprising results and some significant performances too. In the standing triple jump, we had several children go over five metres:

  • Emma and Josh from Group C

  • Harry, Myles, Robbie and Tom from Group B

  • Lyra, George, Oscar and other Tom from Group A.

Of particular note were Oscar's 6.2m jump and George's astonishing 7.55m!

George's dad, Mike, jumped furthest out of the coaches too (least said about that competition, the better!!!).

Athletes of the Night

Group C Girls : Emma Cunningham, because she won all three events

Group C Boys : Josh Garrett, just up from the Juniors, won by a single point from Bertie who was one point ahead of Toby, so really competitive

Group B Girls : Only Izzy Dunn was in this group, so she won due to turning up (one of the key requirements for success!)

Group B Boys : Myles Fuller won all three events, in the largest group of the night, just a few points ahead of Robbie Stickney, who was one point ahead of his twin brother, Joe!

Group A Girls : Lyra Elliott-Jones beat Bella Stickney in a head-to-head but by only one point.

Group A Boys : George Whelan won this group of three, but only by one point over Oscar Baird who was one point ahead of Tom Hoskins, so really competitive again.

Summer Heptathlon Champions

Only two children made it to all events: Bertie Andrews and Tom Pritchett, so most of the categories were wide open.

Group C Girls : a tie between Serpahina Warwick and Emma Cunningham, with Evie Mence only a couple of points behind.

Group C Boys : Bertie Andrews, coming first or second in his 7 counting events. The other three boys were only one point apart finishing, Josh, Matthew Ross and then Toby Conway

Group B Girls : Izzy Dunn was the only girl in this group

Group B Boys : Myles Fuller won all four of the 6 events he did, so he won quite comfortably in the end. Tom Pritchett was second and Robbie Stickney third.

Group A Girls : Lyra Elliott-Jones won due to competing on two weeks with Bella Stickney and Daisy Van Wyk tying for second place based on one week's participation.

Group A Boys : George Whelan won this group and Archie Hatt and Oscar Baird tied for second place.


Athletes of the Night

Summer Heptathlon Champions

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