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Teens sessions until end of year theme : differentiation and strength and balance

There are Teens sessions up to and including 14th December and then three week gap until the New Year.

As we have children at different stages of development, we will be differentiating the sessions in a more structured way. This should enable all children to be challenged but not over-whelmed.

The sessions development plan is progressive with some events to mark and measure their progression, including the two cross-country league races:

  • 5th November in Cirencester Park

  • 10th December in Arlingham

Recognising the teen years are significant in physical and mental development for children due to adolescence, we will be incorporating a fair amount of fundamental movements strengthening to help build strength and good movement patterns to

  1. reduce risk of injury and

  2. develop basis for improved performance

playing all sports and, of course doing athletics, especially the cross-country (XC) races. If you want your child to participate in the XC races, please let me know.

Lastly, our new Club Welfare Officer, Dr Lorna Harris, will be visiting us on 19th October to see what we do, how we do it, and to meet parents, so please take the opportunity to chat to her then.

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