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Progress with Sessions for the Juniors

We are changing how we organise the children on a Wednesday evening.

NB There’s no change to the venue or timings of the sessions, but there is on how we receive them, organise them into groups, how we will develop them and how we return them to their parents / guardians.

Firstly, as we’re outside in an open space next to an access road we need to ensure the Juniors remain safe, once they arrive. So we’re changing how we wish parents to drop off and collect their children. We will share that on the Juniors WhatsApp group.

We are moving to four groups, based mainly on chronological and training age : Dolphins, Jaguars, Panthers and Eagles. We are allocating children to these groups in the Spond booking app, so please note which group your child is in. The Eagles 15 minute extension is available to all Eagles, so they can finish at 6:40, rather than 6:25. It's not mandatory, but please let me know if you do wish your child to stay on, so we can manage their pickups appropriately.

We are introducing a more structured performance approach to the session design : determining what they should be doing and measuring how they perform. This will enable us to better monitor that the sessions are achieving their desired outcomes and to give us the opportunity to make the children’s progress more visible to them. More information on that will be posted soon.

To enable us to do this most effectively, it really does help if parents use Spond to let us know in advance that their child is attending or not.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the parents who help deliver the sessions, as helpers or safeguarding. We could not do the sessions without you. If any other parents are able to help, please let me know, as we do have times where we could do with a little more help.


Head of Coaching

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