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Not so much Horse Power- in fact no horses!

Every year in July, Goodwood has its Festival of Speed for motor-heads with many classic high HP vehicles on display.

This May, there’s the equivalent for runners, with :

  • the Bourton One Mile (Friday 10th evening),

  • the Wiltshire County Track and Field championships (Friday evening and all day Saturday 11th) and lastly

  • the Gloucestershire Track and Field Championships (on Sunday 12th).

I don’t yet have event information for the Gloucestershire meeting, but I do for the Wiltshire meeting which is at Foundation Park, in Swindon:

  • On the Friday evening both the 5000m and 3000m and a 2000m steeplechase to boot!

  • The Saturday has the usual track and field events including age based versions (distances, hurdle heights and throwing weights). You can enter events on the link here.

All these events are "open"; you do not have to qualify for the County to participate, but should you do well, you will only be able to represent the County if you meet its eligibility criteria.

Also, you can go and watch the events for free, so if you want to see something moving really fast, on a similar vein to a classic sports car haring round at Goodwood, don't come and watch me in the 100m!

If the county championships seem a bit daunting, there may be some spaces at the Mark Cawte Memorial Games at Swindon on Sunday 14th April. Link


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