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Not so low key

In the next few weeks Britain's top athletes will be competeng in the European and/or Olympics Games. Of course, they all have bags of talent, but they all started as Juniors with Clubs, who developed and nurtured that talent to where they are today. So it's important that we encourgae our younger members at the beginning of their athletics participation to have a go at competitions. Cheltentham Harriers organise Low Key Open meetings to enable youngsters to have a go at events in a relaxed and supportive environment. Consequently, I encourage our younger members to take this opportunity. Four of our Juniors did just that last weekend:

Annabel Campbell, Aria Stavrakakis, Sophi Mason and Tilly Campbell

As an aside, how come it's the female members who are only participating?

Is there's something about Ciren AC and its female members?

In Dave Wright's book on the history of the Club, "Roman Steps", only two members get Chapters for themselves and they are both female.

Anyway I digress.

Tilly doing the speed bounce

All four did well in the events they entered, as U10s (Y4), U12s (Y5 and 6), recognising that part of the goal of /;these events is to find where the children have strengths and where they need more development : (CR = new club record)

Under 10 results:

U10 60m Tilly 11.0s

U10 600m Tilly 2:23.0

U10 Vortex Tilly 12.24m (Howler throw)

U10 speed bounce Tilly 32 bpm

Annabel getting one of her medals

Under 12 Results

U12 70m Hurdles Aria 11.8s (CR)

U12 100m Aria 15.3s (CR) Annabel 16.9s Sophi 18.5s

U12 Long Jump Aria 3.45m Sophi 2.3m

U12 speed bounce Aria 51 bpm Sophi 45 bpm Annabel 42 bpm

U12 800m Annabel 3:02.1 (CR) Sophi 3:12.0

U12 1200m Annabel 5:19.0

As UK Athletics are moving age categories to even numbers from odd in 2026, and Cheltenham Harriers have already moved these events to align with that change, all these leading performances are inaugural U10 and U12 records!

Having noted the age change, there are some new Club records at U13 :

Aria has set new Under 13 records for 100m and 70m Hurdles

Annabel has beaten Aria's Under 13 800m record, so well done to both girls.

PS I can see myself being busy with these records over the next couple of years!


"Medal Machine" Aria Stavrakakis; not only

collecting medals but also setting Club records

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