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New Groups for Juniors and Teens

Following a review of the last quarter’s sessions, we have decided to restructure the Groups. As Watermoor hall has less than half the usable space of Kingshill Sports hall, we will move to three Groups for both Juniors and Teens, one group for both Juniors and Teens based at Watermoor and two at Kingshill. News on the Groups members will be posted very soon, so everyone will know where they will be on Wednesday.

For the Juniors there will be a Group for the older children, who are likely to move up to the Teens in the next six months, to help them transition. I will contact parents individually about this in due course. Junior Groups will be names : Eagles, Jaguars and Dolphins.

For the Teens, there will be a “Foundation” level group, made up of mainly the younger Teens members, which is where “promoted” Juniors will join. There will be two other groups for slightly older children based on their strengths and where I feel they will benefit most from the slightly different training programmes, with the themes of 1) endurance and  2) explosive strength type events.

For the Foundation children we will be assessing where their strengths lie and when to move them to the two events related groups.  The Teens names will be Giants, Titans and Vikings.

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