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"Middle Distance" Open track meeting

Hi all, Swindon Harriers are hosting an evening of "middle distance" races on the evening of Friday 28th June at the County Ground Athletics track, next door to Swindon Football Club's stadium:

  • 400m for people 13 years old and over - races start at 18:15

  • 800m from 18:50 for Under 13's and up

  • 1500m from 19:25 for Under 13's and up

NB If you're under 17 you cannot do both 800m and 1500m (why would anyone want to!)

If you're going to do the 400m, like me, ensure you get there well in advance so you can do a sprinters warm-up. I will turn up at 17:15 so I can allow the 10-15 minutes it takes me to put the numbers on my vest and still have time to warm up sufficiently! For the other events, you will need to do a shorter warm-up but still need to ensure it's consistent with what I have been posting and training the Teens to do.

Opportunity to get a Club Record?

Remember there are still plenty of Club female records to be had from participating.

For the 400m, there's no records set for the Juniors or seniors up to Lisa Carpenter's V45 record. In the 800m, you can take on Annabel Campbell's new U13 record or try filling all the missing age categories until Caroline Cottrell's V45 record from 2018. Lastly, there are no Junior 1500m records, but a certain Ellen Leggate (see Dave Wright's "Roman Steps" book) holds the Seniro Ladies' and Caroline again the V45 record, but there are plenty of opportunities in the other age categories.

For the male records, there's only Archie Hatt's U17 record for the Juniors, but it's really quick. For the adult age groups, there's plenty to have a go at, as there's only my ponderous 74s from last year.

In the 800m, you'll have to "go some" to beat Henry Sheffield's U13 record from 2019, but the other Junior age groups are all empty. In fact, there's no records until you get to the quick V40 and V45 records held by Brian Wither and the late Club stalwart, Tony Curry from 1992 and 1991 respectively; in addition to Nick Holliday's V60 record more recently (2018).

Lastly, there's not many 1500m male records apart Henry's U13 reocrd and Marc Fallows U18 record, so plenty of opportunities for some of our Juniors. Again Brian, Tony and Nick hold the V40, V50 and V60 records, resp.

Hope to see you there,


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