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"Last Virtual" Club session?

Update on training:

Hopefully, many of you will be able to join the training sessions starting next week. I'm not expecting Eliud this time though!

To participate in the Tuesday Evening Club Training sessions, you need to do two things:

· Download and register on the England Athletics “RunTogether” app, available from your usual app store. Please complete all the information requested, especially Emergency contacts

· Complete the General Health Questionnaire, available through the Club website.

Link to information on both :


A reminder on how the sessions fits in with the rest of your training. Endurance training should include three types of session:

  • Easy (~80% of your time running)

  • Tempo (~10% of your time running)

  • Intervals (~10% of your time running)

These will usually be split into one Intervals session, one Tempo run, one long run at easy pace (usually 90 minutes or more) and any other runs at easy pace. NB if you are only running for less than 2 hours a week, only do one of the two faster sessions : the “Tempo Run”.

Please remember to follow Government guidance on Social Distancing, etc. when running.

Session 1 – Intervals

Purpose of session : To improve running speed

WU : 10-15 minutes jogging and drills

Efforts: Efforts of 400m or 100s (you choose) with 45 to 60s recovery. Pace 5 to 10k race speed.

  • Fast Group 15 reps

  • Middle Group 10 reps

  • Improvers Group 7 reps

CD : 10 minutes jogging plus static stretches

Session 2 : Tempo

Purpose of session : To build stamina

WU – at least one mile and include 2 sets of strides

Effort : 30 minutes continuous at same pace (don’t go off too fast).

CD : 10 minutes jogging plus static stretches

Enjoy the sessions and hope to see you next week.

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