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Juniors Summer Champions

Following the third and final part of the Summer Challenge, I can now inform you about the "Athletes of the Night" and the overall champions. We have two age categories and separate boys and girls competitions: Under 10s and Under 12s.

Firstly, there was a pretty even split across genders and ages, With scoring based on position and the lowest score being best, with last place plus one for non participation, there was an advantage in participating each week. There were not many who did, mainly die to family holidays, but the following did: Aria, Eden, Ellena, Elliot, Isobel, Rory and Wilf. Not surprisingly most, but not all, overall Champions came from that group.

On the day, the winners of the "Athletes of the Night" were (following two events : 40m dash and hurdle long jumps):

  • U10 Girls: Isla Wright, including a superb 2.2m hurdle long jump* beating all of the boys.

  • U10 Boys : Rowley Selby, winning both the dash and jump events.

  • U12 Girls : Aria Stavrakakis, like Rowley winning both events, just from Anneliese who placed 2nd in both events

  • U12 Boys : Elliot Fountain, who also won both events

* the hurdle long jump was an event where the competitors had to clear a hurdle at the edge of the sandpit and the distance was from the hurdle to where they landed, so about half the distance they would have jumped. There were three hurdle heights used.

Over the three weeks, based on their performances the overall Champions were:

U10 Girls: Annabel Campbell, despite not participating this week. She won due, in particular, to winning four out of the five events she did do, in the first two weeks.

U10 Boys : Wilf Andrews, who was consistent in his performances across all three weeks, winning the long jump in week 2. He only just beat Mylo Russell by one point. Mylo did not participate for the last week. Another non-attendee, Ollie Jones was a close third.

U12 Girls : Aria Stavrakakis, who won six of the seven events, so not surprisingly won by a fair margin from Isobel who also did all the events

U12 Boys : Elliot Fountain, who just beat his friend Rory Brown in a close competition.

Many thanks to all the helpers with the events and recording of the children's performances, especially Paul, Aaron and Lyra, this evening.


Athletes of the Night:

Summer Challenge Champions (all participants)

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