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Juniors shine at Sizzler

Due to not all Junior parents entering the Club name for their child, we didn’t report the full listing of their achievements in the last report. So here goes. Apologies, if I miss anyone out!

There were 59 runners (32 boys and 27 girls) on the night in the two simultaneously run "Junior Summer Sizzler" races, and 33 were from our two Junior groups. Thirty-three “Under 11s” ran one lap and covered about 2km. Twenty-five “Over 11s” ran two loops, and so did about 3km.

There were some great performances on the night, too many to mention here, but well done to all our Juniors and other members' children who ran.

2k race

Under 9’s


1 Tilly Allen (unattached)

2 Francesca Paddock (Ciren AC)

5 Vivienne Thompson (Ciren AC)

7 Sophie Mason (Ciren AC)

8 Eden Brown

10 Arabella Ewan


1 Freddie Weeding (unattached)

2 Elvis Everett (Ciren AC)

Under 11’s


1 Perse Southey (Ciren AC)

2 Emma Cunningham (Ciren AC)

3 Aria Stavrakakis (Ciren AC)

4 Lucy Laight (Ciren AC)

5 Isobel Daniels (Ciren AC)

6 Elena Daniels (Ciren AC)

7 Katie Leicester (Ciren AC)


1 Rupert Green (unattached)

2 Rory Brown (Ciren AC)

3 Ted Lockhart (Ciren AC)

11 Callum Phelps (Ciren AC)

12 Jack Vinson (Ciren AC)

3k race

Under 13’s


1 Poppy Oliver (Forest of Dean AC)

2 Mimi Van Wyk (Ciren AC)

3 Elsie Everett (Ciren AC)


1 Reuben Linscott (Swindon Harriers)

2 Joe Stickney (Ciren AC)

5 Luke Richmond (Ciren AC)

6 Nathaniel Paddock (Ciren AC)

7 Sebastian Compton-Evans (Ciren AC)

8 Ernie Hayward (Ciren AC)

9 Harry Truckle (Ciren AC)

10 Robbie Stickney (Ciren AC)

11 Joe Cook (Ciren AC)

13 Josh Neal (Ciren AC)

Under 15’s


1 Daisy Van Wyk (Ciren AC)

3 Caitlin Musgrove (Ciren AC)

4 Segen Majak (Ciren AC)


1 Jasper Roberts (unattached)

Over 15’s


1 Edna Fernandez (unattached)


1 Ethan Montgomery (Ciren AC)

2 George Whelan (Ciren AC)

Well done all, and thanks to Pam and her 'Sizzler team' that enabled there to be a Junior race.

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