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Juniors Sessions to Christmas: "building the capability to train"

We are planning Junior sessions until and including the 14th December. There will then be a three-week gap, as the Sports Hall is not available to us again until January 2023.

The theme for this term's sessions is 'building the capability to train", so we will be concentrating on developing the children's fitness, their strength and the underpinning fundamental movements. There are a couple of "signpost" events along the way : the cross-country events on November 5th (Cirencester Park) and 10th December (Arlingham). The sessions plan will factor in the children's participation in those events. A reminder that if you wish to enter all four league matches, then contact me as we can make that easier and cheaper for you, plus there's the County Cross-Country Championships early in the New Year.

Also, on 19th October, the Club's new Welfare Officer, Dr Lorna Harris, will be coming to the session to see what we do and how we do it, and to meet parents, so please take the opportunity to chat to her.

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