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Juniors run well at schools cross country events

Cross-country is a bit like Marmite - you either love it or hate it. And it seems many of our youngsters are in the first category. So much so, that one lad who dropped out of the Juniors has now rejoined because he enjoyed it so much but wasn't happy with his placing in the races! And a certain young lady decided that running one XC race in an evening was not enough and so did the year above hers as well!!!

Helen Pauling, our local 'Schools Games Organiser', recently put on two "XC type" after-school events for children from local primary schools, one at Deer Park and the other at Kingshill and as you can imagine, many of our Junior members participated and did well. I call then XC type races, as they involved running around the outside of the playing fields, so not really XC as there's no real hills, water crossings or large quantities of mud to slog through!

The first event was held at Deer Park on Tuesday 28th February and the second at Kingshill on Tuesday 7th March. Races were held for years 3 to 6, with years 3 and 4 running 1000m and years 5 and 6 running 1500m.

There were many good performances, and I will just highlight the children who "podiumed":

  • Tilly and Annabel Campbell (something in the genes?)

  • Eleanor Brookes

  • Jessica Ross

  • Rory Brown

  • Francesca Paddock

Some of our Juniors are competing in the county schools cross country championships on Saturday at Newest and we wish them all the best with that:

Jess & Matthew Ross, Elenor Fraser, Aria Stavrakakis, Ted Lockhart, Eleanor Brookes, Henrietta Davidson, Gabriel Lawrence, Persephone Southey and Evie Mence.


Deer Park races, 28/2


Year 3 girls

Tilly Campbell 3rd

Year 4 girls

Annabel Campbell 1st

Abigail Cunningham 4th

Year 5 girls

Eleanor Brooks 3rd

Francesca Paddock 7th (should have run in year 4 race but was late for the start!!)

Lucy Laight 14th

Katie Leicester 15th

Year 6 girls

Jessica Ross 2nd

Emma Cunningham 6th


Year 3 boys

Charlie Cutler 10th

Alex Willis 15th

Year 4 boys

Stanley Harrison 5th

Macsen Curtis 17th

Year 5 boys

Rory Brown 2nd

Year 6 boys

Matthew Ross 5th

Kingshill races, 7/3


Year 3 girls

Tilly Campbell 5th

Year 4 girls

Francesca Paddock 1st

Annabel Campbell 4th

Nell Halliday 5th

Isla Wright 7th

Abigail Cunningham 9th

Annaliese Crawford 10th

Year 5 girls

Katie Leicester 13th

Lucy Laight 15th

Year 6 girls

Jessica Ross 3rd

Emma Cunningham 5th

Eleanor Fraser 8th

Lucy Laight 16th


Year 3 boys

Alex Willis 18th

Year 4 boys

Stanley Harrison 7th

Macsen Curtis 22nd

Year 5 boys

Gabriel Lawrence 14th

Year 6 boys

Matthew Ross 8th

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