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Juniors' progression and Achievement Award 2025

Hi all, I thought it might be of interest to you, how we're determining the Juniors' Achievement Award this year. The last two years it was based on training session attendance and participating in 'Club events', e.g. Junior Sizzler, XC league races and Open track and field events.

Although the emphasis of the sessions is still fun, following the approach of England Athletics' FUNdamentals programme and its range of activities, we, and indeed the children, like to you know how they are getting on in developing their physical capabilities and skills at athletics based activities. Therefore, this year we have added a 'Performance' element to the Award.

We're already recording more performances by the children, either at the 'Club events' or at the training sessions on the track, and indeed we're measuring certain athletic activities, as well, e.g. vertical jumps. From the performances we are able to determine how effective the sessions are at developing the children's capability, and, therefore, how we need to adjust the sessions' design. It also will enable us to determine when we should progress the children through the groups : Dolphins, Jaguars, Panthers, Eagles and beyond into the Teens group.

We would also like to share with you, periodically, your child's progression.

Winner for 2023 and 2024, Aria Stavrakakis

Aria can't win it this year, as she's moved up to the Teens, so everyone's got a chance!

For your information, this year the events we will be measuring are :

  • 40m dash, 300m and Howler Throw (Vortex), [all outdoors]

  • Vertical Jump (CMJ), Standing Long Jump (SLJ) and Bleep test [all indoors]

The Club events that will count to the award this year are:

Track & Field : Low Key Open Events, other open events, e.g. Mid-Summer Games (suitable for older Juniors), County Championships, representing the County in inter-counties, etc.

Off track races : Junior Sizzler, Coln Valley Trail, Junior Parkrun (to be specified), Cricklade Fun Run (probably)

Cross country races : 4 Glos League matches, incl County championships, representing the County subsequently.

NB I do recognise that some of these events are not open to the youngest children, so I will give some thought how we can compensate for that.


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