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Juniors "on track"

Last weekend, some of our Juniors, and a younger Teen, participated in the last Low Key Open (LKO) for this season :

Annabel Campbell, Ephra Coupland and Evie Mence

Annabel had competed in the previous LKO, whereas this was a first time for Ephra and Evie.

The girls all had a go at middle distance events, 800m.

Ephra ran a good 800m, breaking the previous record by a good 5 seconds. It was the only record broken, but due to the age category change and number of gaps in the Club's events records for Juniors, Annabel's 1200m is a new U12 record

That's it for the Low Key Opens, this year. Hopefully we can get more children to participate n ext year, as it's a great introduction to track and field meetings, and most importantly they're fun.


Under 12s :

100m Annabel 17.2

800m Ephra 3:04.4* Annabel 3:13.9

1200m Annabel 5:23.4

Speed bounce Annabel 43

*new club record

Under 14s : Evie Mence

800m 3:00.1

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