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Juniors' "first steps" at track and field meeting

Two of our Juniors : Anneliese Crawford and Stanley Harrison took the opportunity of Cheltenham Harriers' "Low Key Open meeting" last Saturday at the Prince of Wales stadium. Both of them tried out two events:

  • Anneliese did the 600m and bravely the 55m sprint hurdles

  • Stanley did the 60m sprint and the long jump

Anneliese was second in the 600m and third in the 55m hurdles. Stanley was just second in his 60m heat and just missed out on a podium, but he will get faster, as he's got excellent technique (above).

Both children enjoyed the events, Anneliese wishing she had done more events, "it was amazing. My favourite race was the hurdles because I like jumping. I can't wait for next time". Stanley reckoned that "there were some really strong and fast boys!"

Feeling inspired or that your missed out - don't worry there are more Low Key Open meetings, the next one being on Sunday 20th May - link to enter

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