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Juniors Club Championship – Day 2 : The Under 11s

Following on from the previous week, we had another good turnout (a dozen) of Under 11s compete in the next four events :

1. Sprint (100m)

2. Triple Jump (quite a technical event)

3. Shot Put (500g weight – also quite technical)

4. Run (600m)

Due to the age profile of the attendees, we ran three are groups this week - U9s, U10s and U11s.

Some highlights:

Triple Jump

It’s surprisingly difficult to get the triple jump technique right and jump a good distance. You don’t have to be big to jump a long way, and eight-year old Nell demonstrated that she has springs in her legs, with a triple jump of 4.76m, only beaten by two older boys : Rory Brown @ 5.42m and Matteo @ 6.37m

Shot Put

Using a scaled weight (500g) can result in ‘pulling’ rather than ‘pushing’ the weight, but only allowing correct technique throws made for a good competition. Again, it was demonstrated that size is not everything as U9 Macsen threw 11.8m, only beaten by Matteo with an enormous 15.4m. Rory threw 9.4m to win the U10s, but most significantly the fourth furthest throw of the evening was by U9 Francesca at an impressive 8.1m giving the boys a run for their money.


In the sprint and run, the finishing order was pretty much the same, showing that perhaps I should have planned a shorter sprint!

The full results :

On the night medals were awarded to the “Quadathletes” (highlighted in yellow above) : Macsen, Rory and Matteo, and to our “Octathletes” (highlighted in gold above, who competed in both weeks championships and performed best over the two weeks) : Annabel and Aria.

Thanks : Like last week, this event would not have been possible without much help. So many thanks to Aaron plus parents Honor, Natalie and Lara.

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