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Juniors Club Championship – Day 2 : The Teens

Unlike the Under 11s, there was a relatively small turnout, for the Teens with none of the competitors from some age groups competing for the second week. However, this did not impact on the quality of the competition and in fact in some events it was really quite close.

The events held were the same as for the Under 11’s except the sprint was longer :

1. Run (600m)

2. Triple jump (quite technical and challenging)

3. Shot put (quite technical using 2kg weight)

4. Sprint (200m)

We used the same age categories as last time : U12s, U14s and U16s.

Some highlights :


Like the U11s the results of the sprint and run were the same, so I will have to choose bigger differences in distance next year.

Triple Jump

This event proved to be really interesting. Some of the kids needed a few goes before sorting out the order of their feet, but when they did we had some really good jumps. Most of the kids got 6m but it took until the competition’s last jump for George to put some distance between himself and standout performer Caitlin, (7.00 cf 6.98m before his last jump).

Shot Put

Not such a close event as the triple jump, but George found his #1 contender being the youngest competitor, Nathaniel. George threw 8.1m and Nathaniel 7.2m.

The full results :

Nathaniel won U12s “Quadathlon” showing that Woody Allen was right when he said, “80 percent of success in life is just showing up“!

In the Under 14s,Tom showed that not having Luke holding you back helps, when he won that age Quadathlon!

George won the U16s “Quadathlon” again so becoming the U16s “Octathlete” and Tom won the U14s. There was no Octathlete for the U12s.

As for the Under 11s, such an event needs many helpers and many thanks go to Aaron, and parents : David, Ele and Mike.

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