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Juniors' Club Athletics Championship

Ok it may not be quite on a par with the World Championships, but Cirencester AC are holding their Juniors Club Championships on Wednesdays 17th and 24th August at Kingshill School.

Both Under 11s and Teens Group sessions will last an hour, starting at 6pm and 6:30 respectively. Each session will start with 10-15 minutes warm-up

Schedule of events :

17th August

6:15 U11s 60m Sprint

6:25 U11s Long Jump / Howler Throw

6:35 U11s Howler Throw / Long Jump

6:45 U11s and Teens 400m

7:00 Teens Long Jump / Howler Throw

7:10 Teens Howler Throw / Long Jump

7:20 Teens 100m Sprint

24th August

6:15 U11s 100m Sprint

6:25 U11s Triple Jump / Shot Put

6:35 U11s Shot Put / Triple Jump

6:45 U11s and Teens 600m

7:00 Teens Triple Jump / Shot Put

7:10 Teens Shot Put / Triple Jump

7:20 Teens 200m Sprint

It's only a bit of fun, but we will award medals to the top 3 in each event, and to the overall winners on the day ("Quadathon") and over the two sessions ("Octathlon") using a simple scoring system.

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