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Juniors and Teens weekend performances

Bourton Mile

On a big weekend for the speedier events some of our younger members have been racing at the Bourton One Mile road race and the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Track and Field Championships, namely: Alice, Aria, Ben, Sophi and Toby.

On Friday night, along with many other members Alice Averies, Sophi Mason, Ben and Toby Conway tackled the Bourton Mile for the first time. All ran impressively, Ben coming 9th overall (4th in U13) in 5:39.2 (chip) and his younger brother, Toby (left) 24th (8th in U13) in 6:23.9 (chip). For the ladies Alice came 33rd overall (3rd in U11s) in 7:30.1 (chip) and Sophi 35th (4th in U11s) in 7:37.3 (chip).

Toby nearing the end of Bourton Mile

Sophi (right) and Alice (left) and a certain David Moorcroft. Both of them beat him!

Brewer Memorial Games

The previous Bank Holiday Monday, 6th, two Juniors and one very Senior members participated in the Brewer Memorial Games at Blackridge : Aria Stavrakakis, Isla Wright (both Juniors) and Dorian Matts (Juniors Coach). Aria did a Quadkids event (75m, long jump, howler throw and 800m) and Isla two events : 75m and U11 Standing Long Jump. Both set records in their events (see Results below). Dorian did a reasonable 200m.

County Track and Field Championships

Aria Stavrakakis has really caught the track and field "bug". After competing in the Brewer Memorial Games last Bank Holiday Monday at Blackridge in a Quadkids event (75m, long jump, howler throw and 800m), she turned out for the Club at both the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Counties' Championships,

Now that Aria will be 11 on 31st August, she counts as an Under 13 athlete, despite still being only ten! Having said that, there's a big gap for female U13 records, which she is filling with aplomb.

On Saturday (11th) at Swindon she did 200m, 70m Hurdles and the Long Jump, setting Club records in all three events.

On Sunday at Blackridge she did 70m Hurdles, 100m and the Long Jump. Her long jump was another Club record. Just goes to show how doing the events in competition improves performance.

Aria in flight (above) and landing (right) - still plenty of scope for technique and performance improvement, so expoect more record breaking performances.

Also at the Gloucestershire Track & Field Championships was Toby Conway, having had a day or so to recover from his Bourton Mile. He did the 1500m and finished in a respectable 6:01 which is almost identical pacing as for his Bourton Mile. He should be quicker on the track, but it was quite a warm day to be running 1500m.


Brewer Memorial Games (6th May 2024)

75m U11 Girls : Isla Wright 12.41s (inaugural Club record)

100m U13 Girls : Aria Stavrakakis 15.53s (inaugural Club record)

Standing Long Jump U11 Girls : Isla Wright 1.68m

Long Jump U13 Girls : Aria Stavrakakis 3.29m (PB and inaugural Club record)

Howler Throw U13 girls : Aria Stavrakakis 13.2m

800m U13 girls : Aria Stavrakakis 3:05.44 (inaugural Club record)

200m senior men Dorian Matts 33.33s (inaugural MV65 record?)

Bourton One Mile  (10th May 2024)

Under 11 Girls

3rd Alice Averies 7:30.1

4th Sophi Mason 7:37.3

Under 13 Boys

Ben Conway 4th 5:39.2

Toby Conway 8th 6:23.9

Wiltshire Track and Field Championships (11th May 2024)

70m Hurdles (U13 Girls) Aria Stavrakakis 14.53s (inaugural Club record)

200m (U13 Girls) Aria Stavrakakis 32.92s (inaugural Club record)

Long Jump (U13 Girls) Aria Stavrakakis 3.42m (Club record)

Gloucestershire Track and Field Championships (12th May 2024)

70m Hurdles (U13 Girls) Aria Stavrakakis 15.90s

100m (U13 Girls) Aria Stavrakakis 15.90s

1500m (U13 Boys) Toby Conway 6:01.8s

Long Jump (U13 Girls) Aria Stavrakakis 3.54m (Club record)

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