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Juniors and Teens Summer Challenge Part 1 Results

On Wednesday we had the first part of the Juniors and Teens summer challenge, a multi event championship, in three parts. The first event is wet conditions comprised:

  • 100m

  • howler throws (right)

  • 400m

The Juniors championship is split into two groups : Under 10s and Over. The Teens challenge is based on the usual (loosely age based groupings) : A, B & C. Scoring is done as per cross country championships - lowest total for event positions.


There was a good number of boys and girls in the Under 10's but older categories in Juniors and Teens had some big participant differences:

U10 boys : 6 ; U10 girls 5 ; O10 boys : 2; O10 girls 6

Group A boys: 1; girls 2 ; Group B boys : 8, girls 0 ; Group C boys 2; girls 2

With the wet weather and holidays, it was a reasonable turn-out and with two more weekly championship sessions, there's plenty of opportunity for others to participate and challenge for the overall Champions!


Highlights of the night were good performances and commitments in rather damp conditions, especially for the throws, where Elliot's 25m and Eden's 13.7m were particularly noteworthy in the Juniors. Theo, helping me with the Howler event measurements, due to an injured knee preventing him from running, threw his usual "monster" howler throw of 37m. Other good throws of note : Harry's 29.7m and Jess's 18m.

For each of the groups, the "Athlete of the Night" were:


Under 10 boys : Mylo, with a first in the 400m and two seconds in 100m and the Howler. Ollie and Wilf were not far behind. In the girls it was even tighter.

Under 10 girls : Annabel (first in the running events and third in throwing), closely followed by her younger sister, Tilly, and Rory's sister, Eden

Over 10 boys : Elliot, with a clean sweep in all the events

Over 10 girls : Aria, with a first in the Howler and two seconds, just ahead of new girl, Seraphina, who won the two events Aria did not. NB This is different to the preliminary results I stated on the evening!


Group A - due to Scarlette feeling unwell, there was only one boy, George, and one girl, Lyra, who competed the three events. It's

Group B : Tom, with an equal first in 100m, 3rd in 400m and 6th in Howler

Group C : it was really a close thing in both the boys and girls head-to-heads, with Evie just winning one more event than Jess and Bertie similarly with Matt.




Big thank you to all those who helped with the sessions: Paul, Lyra, Robbie, Gemma, Mike, Theo, and Andy.



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