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Juniors and Teens sessions to end of April

Hi all, here's the high level plan for the Juniors and Teens until end of April at Deer Park, so parents know where to drop off and pick-up and what the children will need to wear.

March 27th and April 3rd :

Both Juniors and Teens will have sessions. Both will start in the Gym (next to the Atrium). We will not be using the Assembly Hall. Juniors will run on the netball pitches just outside the PE block, so pick up there or in the Atrium. Teens will have their running sessions at the Old Kennels car park, so please pick them up from near the underpass at top of Tetbury Hill.

April 10th and 17th :

We will be using the Gym and the Sports hall, not the Assembly hall. Please bring your child to the Atrium area. Juniors collect from there too. For the Teens, we'll probably be in the hall until 7:30 one week, for another Bleep test, and the grass track the other. as it may be weather dependent, I will let parents know nearer the time.

April 24th and 31st :

We will be outside on the grass track at Deer Park for both of these weeks, unless a monsoon is forecast, so drop off and pick up at the grass track area.

More information will be posted on the WhatsApp groups.

See you soon,


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