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Juniors and Teens running cross-country like "poetry in motion"

On Sunday 10th December, some of our Juniors and Teens ran the second Glos XC league match, and County Championships.

One younger member was so keen to get started, they ran in the older U13 race rather than the following U11. No wonder he found it quite tough!

First race of the day was the U13 girls, where we only had one runner, Evie. Next race was the U13 boys where we had a good turnout, including one U11! First two home for us were the Stickney boys followed by Ben Conway, See Compton-Evans and Leuan Mather. Ben ran despite not being well and said he found it very tough but still helped the U13 team to come second in the County championships and league. Unfortunately they are now in 2nd place, but only 5 points behind Cheltenham.

In the Under 11 girls we only had two runners : Aria and Alyssa. Aria now lies 11 overall after two races.

In Under 11 boys, the Forbes boys did well, despite only arriving as the race started. Otis was still putting on his number when they set off and so gave the field and his older brother, Heath, 200m, so his finish is impressive. Finishing also were Stanley and Hugo.

In the older age groups we only had one runner Isabella Stickney but she came third overall, second in the County, which keeps her second in the championship.

We have many talented members in the Juniors and Teens, and not only at running. Isabella Stickney, who came second in her age group in the County Championship, is also a budding Pam Ayres.

Here's her words on the XC, "‘Cross-country classic" :

Thanks to a huge adrenaline rush and supporters too,

I sped into lap 1 then accelerated into lap 2,

Then finally the funnel dash to receive a medal,



Under 13 Girls (in Glos in brackets)

1 Bibi Abernethy (Wells City) 10:42

31 (13) Evie Mence 13:18

Under 13s Boys (in Glos in brackets)

1 Oscar Beck (Wells City) 9:53

11. (5) Joe Stickney 10:30

19 (8) Robbie Stickney 11:04

41 (17) Ben Conway 11:55

53 (26) Seb Compton-Evans 12:53

61 Leuan Mather 14:58

Under 11 Boys (in Glos in brackets)

1 Freddie Rendell (Stroud) 6:47

23 (11) Heath Forbes 7:49

40 (19) Otis Forbes 8:23

51 (24) Stanley Harrison 9:20

54 (26) Hugo Dobson 10:12

Under 11 Girls (in Glos in brackets)

1 Ruby Shaw (Wells City) 7:14

25 (9) Aria Stavrakakis 9:03

38 (16) Alyssa Edwards 10:35

Under 15 Girls (in Glos in brackets)

1 Maddie Thomson (Cheltenham) 13:22

3 (2) Isabella Stickney 14:09

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