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Juniors and Teens return with last events in the Summer Challenge

We are back on Wednesday, 30th August, for the last part of the Summer Challenge. For both Juniors and Teens the challenge is a Heptathlon, following Katarina Johnson-Thompson's Gold Medal success in the World Championships, in Budapest this week. In each case the child's performance in their best 7 events will count towards the scoring.

Don't worry if your has missed a week, as I am allocating last place score for all children who did not participate, so most still have a chance of wining the overall "title", but even if they don't, there's still the opportunity to become "Athlete of the Night".

Remember, however the children get on, it's just a fun event.

I look forward to seeing the children back on Wednesday.

Events this week:

Juniors 40m, hurdle long jump, longish run

Teens 40m, standing triple jump (hint above), longer run

See you then, Dorian

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