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Juniors and Teens "on the move"

The Juniors and Teens sessions will be moving from their current location : Kingshill and Watermoor schools, to Deer Park school at the end of February.

Leaving Kingshill going to Deer Park

The rationale for the move is that the Club will be able to use more suitable facilities, which are much closer to each other, enabling better session planning and more efficient use of coaches, helpers and safeguarding parents' time and equipment. It will also enable parents to wait in a more comfortable area, and also enable a better safe release of children back to their parents.

This is a new chapter for the Juniors and Teens and the decision was made after asking for feedback from parents, recognising that Kingshill and Deer Park schools are on opposite sides of Cirencester.

The day and times of the sessions remain unchanged with Juniors starting at 5:40 and finishing at 6:25 and Teens starting at 6:30 finishing at 7:30.

Initially, we will be using the "gym" and Assembly hall, as the sports hall is already booked, but in April we will use the sports hall and gym, so we can do a proper trial for a couple of weeks, using the new facilities.

More information on where to drop children, etc. will be provided soon.

The first week at Deer Park will be Wednesday 28th February.


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