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Juniors and Teens Achievement Awards

On Wednesday we presented the Juniors and Teens Achievement awards. The awards, based on participation, i.e. training session attendance and representing the Club in events : Cross country, track and field meetings and selected Parkrun and the Junior Sizzler.

This year the Junior winner was Aria Stavrakakis, again. Aria attends most training sessions, does the XC and represents the Club in many track and field events, so she won with a lot of points.

Runners up were Anneliese Crawford and Leuan Mather.

Although Aria is already off to a good start this year (see blogs on Juniors track and field), the good news for other Juniors is that Aria cannot win the award next year, as she's moving up to the Teens. Beware Teens!

The Teens award went to Joe Stickney.

Runners up were Bella Stickney and Bertie Andrews.

This coming year, we're introducing a Performance element to the award, in addition to the existing participation aspects, to recognise the children's individual progress and to encourage the child to strive to be the best that they can be.

Well done to all the children, who show commitment and motivation each week. They make the sessions fun.


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