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Junior Club Championships – Day 1

Last night 24 Juniors participated in the first Junior Club championships. Each child participated in four events:

1. Sprint (60m for U11s, 100m for Over 10s)

2. Long Jump

3. Howler throw (javelin simulation pull throw)

4. Run (400m)

Under 11s

There were two age categories in the Under 11s : U10s and U11s.

Under 10s

Lucy Laight won the Under 10s by winning three of the four events, including respectable 12m for the junior howler and the longest jump of any U11s of 3.2m.

Under 11s

Like the Under 10s, the winner of the Under 11s won three of the events : Henry Hurst. Henry threw the junior howler an enormous 25.6m but it was a much closer thing in the long jump where Henry, Emma and Perse all jumped 3m dead.

Full results

Teens group {Over 10s}

There were three age categories in the Over 10s : U12s, U14s and U16s.

Under 12s

In the biggest age group of the night, it was a very close fight between three of the boys, but Joe Cook beat Seb Compton and Ernie Hayward by one point, Seb and Ernie tying for second place. The three of them threw the adult howler over 23m and in the long jump, Seb managed 1cm further than Joe, with 3.09m.

Under 14s

Another close battle in this group, with Theo Drew beating Luke Richmond by one point. And it was again close in the long jump with Luke beating Theo by 1cm, jumping 3m, but Theo threw the adult howler a staggering 35m, the only person to exceed 30m on the night!

Under 16s

In the smallest age group on the night, it went the way of gender with George Whelan beating Caitlin and Lyra by winning all four events, with an impressive long jump of 3.81m.

Full results


All the kids competed well, the outcomes often being determined by gender, age or development stage, but also undoubted talent. My favourite personal moment had to be Theo’s second howler throw sailing over my head..

Some personal thanks : such an event would not have been possible without much help. Special “shout-outs” to Aaron and Karen, Anthony, Lara, David, Caroline and Sarah.

Next week we have day 2, four different events and the search continues for our overall eight-event champion, who will get the “Octathlete” award.

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