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Group Training Returns

What you need to do to participate.

After a long winter, we are thankfully at a point where we can recommence Tuesday evening Club training sessions.

To ensure we can run the sessions compliant with Covid 19 control requirements, we need you to do three things:

  1. Fill in the Club General Health Questionnaire (link is on Seniors Training webpage:, if you have not done so previously

  2. download the England Athletics "RunTogether" app and register, filling in your contact details (for Track & Trace) and your ICE (in case of emergencies), so that you can book your slot on the relevant session

  3. read and implement the Runners' Instructions (our Covid Protocol) (see below)

NB Without these we will not be able to achieve a Covid-Secure environment for the sessions.

Looking forward to training with you again,


Runners’ Instructions


1. Fill in the “General Health Statement” (which can be retained for multiple sessions), if have not done so before.

2. Apply for a training slot in the session on the England Athletics “RunTogether” app. Look for the club colours and logo. You will get an automatic booking email from the app. Do not attend if your participation has not been confirmed by email.

Before you leave home

3. Review Covid19 health checklist (see Addendum). If you feel unwell, do not attend and cancel booking on “RunTogether” if day before.

4. Wash your hands thoroughly (20 seconds)

5. Bring water in your own water bottle and any food you may require (to be kept with you or separately at the location)

6. Bring additional clothing to ensure you can keep warm/cool (to be kept with you or separately at the location). Please come dressed for the session as changing facilities are not available.

7. Bring hand sanitiser(to be kept with you or separately at the location).

8. Bring these instructions with you.

Getting to the session

9. Drive to the Leisure Centre (or Deer Park School car park or other venues – check Run Session on “RunTogether” – location is specified).

10. Park in a space such that they can get in and out on the opposite side to other people using adjoining spaces, e.g. where possible choose a space where there is at least a space clear between you and another car parking, so can maintain 2m SDM. NB Maintain social distancing at all times, from arrival in the car park until you depart

11. Walk or run to the training venue, as informed by session coach or leader, maintaining social distancing measures, as required.

The Session

12. Follow the coach’s instructions on the session: warm-up, the efforts, cool-down and stretching; remembering to run sufficiently apart to maintain SDM.

13. Have fun.

14. If you should have an injury or feel unwell during the session, inform the coach or Leader.

15. The coach/leader will tell you when the session is over.

After the Session

16. Please do not touch anything that is not yours, or help tidy up any cones or other markers used by the coach/leader or other runners.

17. Return to your car, maintaining Social Distancing.

18. In the car park you should wait for someone in a car next to yours to leave before getting into yours

Please Note for everyone’s health, safety and well-being:

  • You must comply with the required social distancing measures.

  • Coaches/leaders will explain the SDM requirements for the session

  • Coaches/leaders will remind runners about SDM requirements if there is any non-compliance.

  • If non-compliance continues, you will be asked to leave the session

Covid health checklist

If you have any Covid 19 symptoms (below), do not come to training session but follow NHS and PHE guidance on self-isolation. Symptoms:

  • a high temperature

  • a new, continuous cough

  • a loss of, or change to, my sense of smell or taste

If you have potentially come into contact with the virus, through the following, do not come to training session but follow NHS and PHE guidance on self-isolation:

  • I have not avoided high risk behaviour outside the sports setting

  • I have been in a household where someone was self-isolating

  • I have been in a household where someone else is showing Covid19 symptoms?

  • I have recently returned from a country not on UK’s quarantine-free list

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