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Great day out in Newent for Juniors

Following on from the success of some of our Juniors in the district cross-country (XC) championships at Far Peak (see earlier blog), ten participated in the county primary schools' Years' 5 and 6 XC event, at Newent, representing Cirencester and Stroud districts. With 8 districts and 10 representatives there were 80 runners in each race.

Thumbs up from Evie for her top 10 finish

The course was 1600m long.

Eleanor, running in the year 5 race, described it as, "tiring but fun.”

Henrietta was disappointed with her run, but having a cold and a late kids' (inaptly named!) sleep-over the night before, didn't help but despite that she still ran.

Gabriel, in true runner's manner, stated, "he was a bit out of sorts so wouldn’t push himself too hard."

Aria and Ted, representing Stroud, with their finishing place tickets

There were some standout performances, especially in the Year 6 girls. Running most of the way together, Evie, Perse and Jess finished in close order, with excellent: 7th, 10th and 12th placings respectively, meaning the Cirencester and District team was 3rd.

Evie and Perse just before the finish.

As Evie, Perse and Jess were in the top 12, they are selected to go to the National Primary Schools cross country race, in Loughborough, on 25th March. Well done girls.

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