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Cross Country Grand Finale

Last Sunday was the last Glos XC league match of the season, and we had runners in most of the races. Ladies & George pic The weather was cool but not windy and the course was dry – there’s been no mud on the courses this year since Cirencester Park.

Not only were their places in the individual races to compete for, but also points in the overall series individuals’ and teams’ competition.

Our runners in the Ladies, U17s race : Kate, Karen, Tanya and George

4th Round at Over Farm

Under 13s

The races started with the U13s race, thankfully everyone turned up on time for the earlier start. We were just able to get a boys’ team out with Ben, Ernie and Seb running.

The team came 3rd.

Ben was our first runner home, in a very creditable 5th place ensuring he had a top ten position in the individual series championship. Next was Ernie, just ahead of Seb.

Ben, Ernie and See waiting for the start

Under 11s

Next race was the Under 11s with a good turnout from our Juniors.

Abi, Isobel, Ellena, Rory, Evie and Ted. Where's Alex?!

There were two first-timers: Abi Cunningham and Alex Willis, the latter who had just turned 8 on Wednesday. Rory was our first boy home again, and Evie for the girls. The boys’ team came 8th and the girls’ 5th.

Under 15s

In the Under 15s we only had one runner, Archie (right), who was a credible 6th .

Under 17s

We also only had one runner in the Under 17s, George (see picture above) who was 11th.

This race is part of the Ladies, U20 and MV65+ combined race, which makes it nearly as large a field as the men’s race: 132 cf 137.


In the Ladies’ race, we had only three runners (but that’s enough for a team - see picture above):

Kate, then Karen, both of whom who were first in their age groups and Tanya, who was 5th in hers.

The ladies team placed 17th overall, but 9th in the Masters.


In the Men’s’ race we had a good turnout with 8 men running, six being required for a Team. First home for the Team was Aaron, beating Bill this time.

Due to good packing, in a race dominated by young runners from Bath (University and Team Bath) our men (Aaron, Bill, Dave, Brecht, Simon and Andy) came 9th overall, but second in the Masters’ race (Aaron, Bill, Dave and Andy).

Cross Country Series Championship

The individual series championship is based on one’s best 3 results (out of the four races).

Juniors and Teens members

We had three boys and five girls in the Under 11s who qualified for the championship (see results below) with a very good 6th place for Evie Mence.

In the Under 13s, we had just two boys who qualified: Ben who was 9th and Seb.

Our single U15 boy, Archie, placed 6th in the championship.

In the Team events:

U11 Girls 4th, Boys 7th; U13 Boys 4th

Senior members


In the Ladies, Kate won the LV45 championship with a series of first and second placings.

Karen was second in LV55, just missing out on first, probably due to the Pittville run where she wasn’t at her best due to health issues.

Tanya was a very commendable 4th in LV50 with a set of consistent results.


In the Senior Men, Brecht placed 17th and Tommy 29th.

Bill was second in MV45 just behind the winner, possibly due to his sore ankle in the Over race, and Simon was 9th.

In the Team events:

In the Seniors: Men’s Masters were on the podium, in 3rd, Ladies Masters 6th and the men’s open were 8th and ladies 11th resp.


So another year done. Good progress from the Juniors, Under 11s, and younger boy Teens, but still more children could participate - the challenge for next year.

In the adults, good turnout from the Master runners, but we need to encourage more participation from more of our faster Seniors, if we want to challenge more.


Race 4 (Over Farm)

U13 race results [3.4 km]


1 Caleb Green Cheltenham Harriers 13:12

5 Ben Conway 13:53

16 Ernie Hayward 16:08

17 Seb Compton-Evans 16:26

U11 race results [2km]


1 Monty Wilkins Cheltenham Harriers 7:12

16 Rory Brown 8:20

27 Ted Lockhart 9:13

35 Alex Willis 10:21


1 Ivy Wightman Cheltenham Harriers 7:32

9 Evie Mence 8:30

18 Abigail Cunningham 9:49

22 Isobel Daniels 11:19

23 Ellena Daniels 11:23

U15 boys [5.0km]

1 Sam Wilson Cheltenham Harriers 17:10

6 Archie Hatt 20:03

U17 boys [6.4km]

1 Tom Whetton Western Tempo 23:00

11 George Whelan 33:16

Ladies (109 runners!)[6.4km]

1 Megan Marchant Western Tempo 24:05

16 Kate Jacobs 1st LV45 27:09

61 Karen Higuerra 1st LV55 31:27

89 Tanya Everett 5th LV50 36:12

Men (137 runners, not including MV65+)[9.3km]

1 Robin Regan Univ. of Bath 31:41

33 Aaron Willis 4th MV40 35:25

38 Bill Leggate 4th MV45 35:50

58 Dave Musgrove 5th MV45 37:56

59 Brecht Grieten 29th SM 38:06

72 Andy Fellows 12th MV40 39:54

76 Simon Campbell 10th MV45 40:07

105 Tom Payne 43rd SM 44:03

122 Dorian Matts 11th MV60 49:45

Series Championship

U11 Boys

1 Alistair Spurr unattached!

16 Rory Brown

22 Ted Lockhart

27 Callum Phelps


1 Team Bath

7 Cirencester AC

U11 Girls

1 Ivy Wightman of Cheltenham Harriers

6= Evie Mence

19 Annabel Campbell

21 Aria Stavrakakis

22 Isobel Daniels

23 Ellena Daniels


1 Cheltenham Harriers

4 Cirencester AC

U13 Boys

1 Patrick Paul of Cheltenham Harriers

9 Ben Conway

23 Seb Compton-Evans


1 Cheltenham Harriers

4 Cirencester AC

U15 Boys

1 Dominic Martin of Cheltenham Harriers

6 Archie Hatt



1 Team Bath AC

11 Cirencester AC


1 CLC Striders

6 Cirencester AC



1 University of Bath

8 Cirencester AC


1 Western Tempo

3 Cirencester AC

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