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Cirencester AC offers Duke of Edinburgh Award Opportunities

Here's an article produced by one of our Teens members, Segen Majak:

"Cirencester AC offers opportunities for young people to do their Duke of Edinburgh award

Duke of Edinburgh entails three levels: bronze, silver and gold. You would have to volunteer, develop a skill and physical capability each week for an hour a week for different time periods (depending award level - see table). leading up to an Expedition at the end.

In Cirencester AC you can do your physical training because the sessions run for about an a hour every week. You can also volunteer by helping the Juniors' sessions, or you could do a bit of admin (helping with upload registration) .

Some examples of people who have doing or have compilted are Caitlin Musgrove, who has completed, Lyra Elliott-Jones who is doing gold, George Whelan who started by doing physical but switched to service/volunteering and Theo Drew who has just start out doing service/volunteering.

George from the club said, "by doing the DofE i have learnt more about team work."

My experience doing DofE with Cirencester AC has been much fun, for i am not naturally a fast runner and I do lag behind the group, but everyone has been very supportive . This has helped out me out by building my confidence. " (Thank you Segen).

NB We do have opportunities currently for children to help out (volunteer) in both supporting the Junior sessions and in some admin, in addition. of course, to developing their physical capabilities, so if you are looking for DoE activities for your child, please contact me.

Dorian, Head of Coaching Juniors and Teens

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