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Two running stalwarts

Today we all shared the sad news of the death of Tony Curry. I’m sure members who knew Tony well over many, many years will share their memories with us but for now I want to remember Tony for the grafter he was.

He worked for the club in many different capacities over the years, but he also gave his support to many of the other causes dear to his big heart including, the town and the local Conservative party. He worked hard to learn about running with diabetes and then cancer and was always keen to share what he had learned. He was an avid supporter of triathlons and marshalled for the 2012 Olympics and abroad and finally, he fought cancer with every cell of his body. This battle lasted for years and just when it seemed cancer might win, Tony would fight back and be back on the track with words of encouragement and humour. Now, with the battle done, he can rest and we can remember and reflect how lucky the club was to have such a member in their midst. Our second club stalwart is Barbara Thomas who gives us the only race results of the week and who has been quietly seeking out races throughout lockdowns. It seems unlikely she will reach her usual target of 100 races over the year but she will almost certainly have done more than most of us.

2nd June, Cleeve Cloud Cookoo, 5.5 miles, multi - terrain

1 Christopher Wagstaff (Cheltenham & County Harriers) 34.27

123 Barbara Thomas (Cirencester AC) 1.06.38 – 3rd LV65+

132 Finished

And why have we not heard about her races? Simple! She never shares a link, let alone the result, with Martin on . Don’t forget, if you want your result recorded and shared you have to send that email - before or after the race. We can no longer rely on the ever patient and resourceful Dave W so we all need to help Martin. It needs to be automatic- sign up for a race, put it in your diary AND then . . . . . . tell Martin! Finally, James Thomas is doing a brilliant job of organising three teams for the Cotswold Way Relay on Saturday 3rdJuly. But it’s like herding cats and some members have had to back out - if you aren’t already on the list. - your club needs you! See other posts on this Newsfeed. It is always a fun event and a stimulus to run somewhere different


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