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The Power of parkrun

Many of you are regular parkrunners, some of you may never have tried one at all. parkrun is incredibly important to many people for a huge variety of reasons….a nudge to get out of bed on a Saturday morning, a get together with like minded friends, a chance to test that 5k pace or just have a gentle jog, an easy way to volunteer and give back to the local community……..

We see parkrun results for our clubmates in the news report every week, some at local events, some who have found a run whilst away on holiday, some who turn up once in a while and some who take part every week, almost without fail. Rachel and Alan McAdam are two such people and on Sunday they both earned the next in the series of distinctive parkrun milestone T-shirts for an incredible 500 parkruns each. Rachel has kindly written about their parkrun story so far and her friend Sarah Bennett took this wonderful photograph.

“parkrun turns 20 years old in 2024 and as Paul Sinton Hewitt says in his New Year Message.. little did he know that getting a handful of friends in the park once a week would go on to change the world. Little did we know that when we, as a family, did our first parkrun in August 2011 that it would become a Saturday necessity (how we missed those 70 weeks during covid when parkrun was cancelled). And now, on New Year’s day 2024, we have each completed 500 parkruns.”

“When we started there were only a handful of parkruns in the country so the majority of our runs have been at Lydiard Park (286). Then events started to spring up everywhere and when Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun commenced we moved our home run to them as they were much closer to home.”

“I have run at 49 different parkrun locations and Alan at 51. The furthest parkrun we have done from home being Durham, North Carolina USA. They have all varied so much in their terrain, some are trail runs, some tarmac, some along the seafront, some very hilly and some pancake flat. Finishing times can vary enormously.”

“Volunteering is also a very big part of parkrun and we like to do our bit. We have both received our 50th volunteer t-shirt.”

“Running our 500th together took a bit of coordination. Alan was 6 parkrun ahead of me when we started last year. I have had more injuries. Over the last few months he has dropped the odd run to volunteer. We levelled up on Saturday 27th December.”

“We really enjoyed our 500th run with our family and friends. Thank you to those Cirencester AC members that got up early on NYD to run with us (that was a big ask). It wasn’t raining but it was very muddy underfoot. It was a record turnout for Tetbury too, 286 runners.”

“And the 100 gingerbread men in their 500 t-shirts went down very well. Not one left!”

Thank you Rachel and congratulations to you both.

Check out the long list of parkrun results below covering events from the last three weekends and extra Christmas Day and New Years Day runs. You can look up any individual event to study results in more detail for information such as age grading.


1st January, parkrun, 5k trail

Chippenham parkrun

1 Ed Knudsen 18.19

3 Ian Barrett (Cirencester AC) 19.29

194 finished

Pomphrey Hill parkrun

1 Jake Stephens 17.34

3 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 18.52

404 finished

Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun

1 Harry Barnes 16.54

132 Nicola Wood (Cirencester AC) 27.57

133 Rachel McAdam 27.58

134 Alan McAdam 27.58

136 Rupert Chesmore 28.00

135 Paul Edrich 28.00

160 Amanda Naylor 29.20

161 Jocelyn Randall 29.22

164 Brendan McCarthy 29.30

186 Samantha Timms 30.34

227 Liza Darroch 34.25

286 finished

Seven fields parkrun

1 Lee Parker 18.24

80 David Moss (Cirencester AC) 27.33

202 finished



30th December, parkrun, 5k trail


Lydiard parkrun

1 Ben Cole 15.33

120 Gordon Jones (Cirencester AC) 26.25

236 Rachel Jones 32.28

340 finished



Brockenhurst parkrun

1 Elliw Marie Monks 17.32

30 Benjamin Conway (Cirencester AC) 21.30

262 finished


Cheltenham parkrun

1 Charles Sykes 17.43

270 Jo Musk (Cirencester AC) 27.21

762 finished


Wepre parkrun

1 Matthew Willis 16.30

49 Tom Morgan (Cirencester AC) 29.24

115 finished


Cirencester parkrun

1 Rob Forbes (Cirencester AC) 18.46

26 Heath Forbes 24.45

28 Otis Forbes 25.19

41 Joanna Roberts 27.00

91 Pamela Wheeler 31.31

100 Rachel Barrow 32.05

123 Cathie Cowell 35.40

131 Samantha Timms 37.34

166 Brendan McCarthy 1.03.50

166 finished


Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun

1 Samuel Davies 18.42

66 Rachel McAdam (Cirencester AC) 27.04

100 Peter Rowland 30.42

160 finished


Peel parkrun

1 Pio Aron 17.35

44 Paul Timms (Cirencester AC) 24.38

199 finished


Quakers Walk parkrun

1 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 17.35

3 Ian Barrett 19.09

294 finished


25th December, parkrun, 5k trail


Chippenham parkrun

1 Harry Maxwell 17.39

3 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 18.31

396 finished


Cheltenham parkrun

2 Jacob Cann 16.44

519 Amanda Naylor (Cirencester AC) 33.13

775 finished


Witney parkrun

1 Matthew Lock 17.58

17 Martin Croucher (Cirencester AC) 22.23

209 finished


Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun

1 Dougie Moffett 17.01

56 Paul Timms (Cirencester AC) 23.40

82 Paul Edrich 24.58

104 Nicola Wood 26.27

118 Jocelyn Randall 27.06

139 Rachel McAdam 28.15

140 Alan McAdam 28.15

145 Rachel Barrow 28.29

179 Samantha Timms 30.27

234 Paul Barrow 37.35

256 finished



23rd December, parkrun, 5k trail


Chippenham parkrun

1 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 17.28

36 Luke Campbell 22.09

263 finished


Cheltenham parkrun

1 Rob Green 16.58

5 Ian Barrett (Cirencester AC) 18.06

551 finished


Lydney parkrun

1 Tom Annetts 18.42

10 Martin Croucher (Cirencester AC) 20.56

113 finished


Cirencester parkrun

1 Marc Fallows 18.47

5 David Musgrove (Cirencester AC) 20.19

11 Kate Jacobs 21.09 – 2nd Lady

16 Benjamin Conway 21.47

29 Heath Forbes 23.13

41 Bertie Andrews 24.20

55 Otis Forbes 25.11

65 Rachel Ranger 26.17

75 Jo Musk 27.01

80 Tom Morgan 27.32

103 Brendan McCarthy 29.01

121 Amanda Naylor 30.19

122 Pamela Wheeler 30.21

192 finished


Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun

1 Samuel Davies 18.23

24 Paul Timms (Cirencester AC) 24.14

25 Alan McAdam 24.15

50 Rachel McAdam 25.41

95 Samantha Timms 30.28

140 finished




16th December, parkrun, 5k trail


Frimley Lodge parkrun

1 Warrick Raath 17.10

124 Tom Morgan (Cirencester AC) 26.59

339 finished


Lydiard parkrun

1 Harry Woods 16.01

63 David Moss (Cirencester AC) 24.32

292 finished


Ashford parkrun

1 Wegahta Zerom 16.19

108 Gordon Jones (Cirencester AC) 27.05

264 finished


Chippenham parkrun

1 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 17.56

150 finished



Cheltenham parkrun

1 Joe Willgoss 17.10

288 Amanda Naylor (Cirencester AC) 30.06

447 finished


Cirencester parkrun

1 Rob Forbes (Cirencester AC) 19.47

4 Kate Jacobs 21.00 – 1st Lady

13 Heath Forbes 23.13

21 Otis Forbes 24.51

23 Rachel Ranger 25.02

42 Kate Sackett 27.59

47 Jocelyn Randall 28.53

49 Brendan McCarthy 29.11

51 Sophie Humphries 29.24

58 Pamela Wheeler 30.47

80 Samantha Timms 34.18

113 finished


Gloucester City parkrun

1 Chris Brown 17.49

2 Ian Barrett (Cirencester AC) 18.30

181 finished


Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun

1 Samuel Davies 18.14

35 Alan McAdam (Cirencester AC) 24.31

43 Rachel McAdam 25.48

126 finished



There were really superb results in the Forest of Dean on Sunday where Rob Forbes and Ollie Campbell took first and second place respectively in the Immortal Sinner race and Luke Campbell completed the Seven Sins run. Rob had warmed up with a family run and 1st place at parkrun the day before.


This tough trail run, one lap for the Seven Sins and two laps for the Immortal Sinner, has a hill for every mile and was described as a mudfest!


30th December, Immortal Sinner, 14 miles, trail


1 Rob Forbes (Cirencester AC) 1.48.56

2 Ollie Campbell 1.55.29

54 finished



30th December, Seven Sins Run, 7 miles, trail


1 Matt Harrison 55.25

19 Luke Campbell (Cirencester AC) 1.13.36

57 finished



It was to Kent and back in a day on Saturday for Martin Croucher with the small matter of completing marathon in between……..just the one this time though, marathon number 144!


This was a 6 hour timed event, run as far you want to on a lapped course. Martin had considered carrying on to 50k but with worsening weather he called it a day at marathon distance, very satisfied with averaging just inside 10 minute mile pace using his trusted run/walk method.


30th December, Cone Of Doom Challenge, 6 hours timed, trail


1 Alex Marshall 6.30.36 – 42.65 miles

16 Martin Croucher (Cirencester AC) 4.23.48

69 finished



Race results to Martin please at and any stories and pictures to Rachel via WhatsApp or at










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