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Nicola swims on - alone

A particularly quiet week with only three of the most faithfully clocking up a timed 5km.

Congratulations to Martin, Ruth and Louise for their commitment and their performances. Congratulations too to Nicola Wood – the only swimmer to contribute to our swimming challenge by swimming a cool (literally) 3622 m in the Thames. Here’s hoping the rest of us can all rediscover our running and swimming mojos soon.

If you are desperate to run in a more competitive context you have several options to consider:

· Join Martin on December 19th running a single mile at the start of every hour for 24 hours – he already has three possible fellow runners (all running near their own home) but would welcome more even if you only want to run one of the miles.

· Sign up via Entry Central for the virtual Fairford 10k on Sunday 20th December and/or submit a CRO 10 k run that week – usual rules – you chose time and route.

· Finally check out Beyond Limitations who have moved their 10k, 10 mile, Half Marathon, Full Marathon and 50k races to the Castle Coombe racing track. The two shorter events are on Jan 24th and three longer ones on Feb 28th.

Week Ending November 15th, CROSS 5k, any terrain

1 Martin Croucher 25.41

2 Ruth Fulford 28.46

3 Louise Abbott 32.45

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