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Joining a Tuesday club session

Until we ensure all our new protocols are working effectively, we would like volunteers to help test them, initially on 4th August. If you do wish to help in this important task and be part of the training session, led by Adrian, please send me an email (see below).

The "price" for joining the session is to provide us feedback on:

  1. what went well

  2. what needs (or would do with) improving

  3. ideas for future sessions

If we can accommodate you (we are limited by Government and England Athletics guidance, which has changed d again today!), I will you send you the necessary information, including "Instructions for Runners", and the "Session Sign Up Form" that must be returned complete to enable us to achieve compliance. If your form is incomplete or too late (I will let you know) then unfortunately you will not be able to participate.

More details to follow on this channel only.

My email address will be provided on the club's WhatsApp group.

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