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Fairford success and some ultra efforts

A part of Fairford festival the well-attended local Fairford 10k attracted many a CAC member this year. There were some impressive performances and very fast times, especially considering how hilly the course is! There were age group placings from Aaron who won his V40 category and Kate Jacobs who was second lady overall as well as first FV45. Her brilliant performance overtaking a fellow female competitor in the last quarter mile contributed to the ladies team prize win!

7 David Bell 34.52 (34.51)

14 Aaron Willis 36.14 (36.12) – 1st V40

19 Brecht Grieten 37.08 (37.06)

23 Bill Leggate 37.49 (37.46)

26 Ian Barrett 38.21 (38.18)

41 Kate Jacobs 39.47 (39.45) – 2nd lady / 1st FV45

52 Simon Campbell 40.23 (40.20)

67 Brian Harris 41.49 (41.44)

80 David Moss 43.22 (43.10)

84 Charlotte Wilton 43.39 (43.35)

111 Joyce Matthews 45.48 (45.44)

130 Ian Moore 47.13 (46.59)

139 James Widdowson 47.59 (47.47)

165 Kate Kilby 49.44 (49.41)

167 Rachel Ranger 49.47 (49.35)

249 Gordon Jones 54.50 (54.37)

251 Jocelyn Randall 54.56 (54.37)

370 Rachel Jones 1.05.38 (1.05 10)

This weekend also saw Dave Musgrove completing the South Downs Way 100, this epic trail ultra race goes from Winchester to Eastbourne. Dave completed this in an impressive 21 hours and 25mins finishing 85th out of a field of 349. He's done a vlog about it if you want to know more.....

Stuart Fitzgerald was also running long this weekend completing the Comrades Marathon in South Africa, this famous race goes from Durban to Pietermaritzburg, 87km all on road. He finished in just 7 hours and 21mins earning himself a silver medal (Only 20 runners get a gold medal so the silver is no mean feat!). On this year's “up” course, he sustained an average pace of 8:13/mile for just under 54 miles with c. 5,700ft of climbing.

Parkruns this week:

Cirencester: Ben Conway 21.10, Heath Forbes (J) 22.41, Paul Timms 23.30,

Rob Tuttle 25.40, Sophie Humphries 27.56, Pam Wheeler 28.20,

Kirsty Leggate 28.39, Oliver Wigley 28.42, Samantha Timms 30.05, Gary Wood 31.21

Tetbury: Ollie Campbell won in 18.05

Seven Fields, Swindon: David Moss 30.14

Chippenham: James Hunton 31.03

Colby: Dorian Matts 27.13

Quakers Walk, Devizes: Alan McAdam 24.55, Rachel McAdam 25.19

Bay East Gardens, Singapore: Tom Morgan 27.55

After this busy weekend of racing there are also some updates to the club championship standings as follows:

Fairford 10k on Sunday was the 6th race in the club’s road race championship, following closely on from the Stroud Beer Race last Monday. 18 runners competed making it easily the second most popular race after Bourton 10k.

With points from a runner's best 6 races (to include any marathon) counting (max 120), topping both ladies and mens leaders so far are the only runners who have at least 6 scores to their names (Charlotte Wilton and Brian Harris). This could well change as further “races in hand” are run.

1 Charlotte Wilton 109

2 Jo Musk 97

3 Rachel Ranger 84

4 Kate Kilby 83

5 Kate Jacobs 60

1 Brian Harris 102

2 David Moss 82

3 Andy Fellows 74

4= Ian Barrett 54

4= Michael Hobbs 54

The full details are on the club website at

Both Fairford 10k and Stroud Beer race were also in the Glos AAA County road race series. The highlight from the cumulative results so far must be the Ladies Team who are in 1st place for both Open and Veteran categories. In both cases they are being closely chased by RSE and Stroud, so let’s hope the club can continue to field at least 3 runners at every race to avoid a “no score”.

On an individual basis, Kate Jacobs is 3rd Lady after only 3 races, and in the age group standings Charlotte Wilton, Kate Kilby, Rachel Ranger, and Brian Harris have completed the minimum 5 races and are currently in medal positions. Second claim member Andy Kilby is also 2nd in his age group but obviously for his 1st claim club Dursley.

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