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The information below is taken from the England Athletics Club Support Newsletter January 2024 received on 16th January 2024. Roles currently in need of support will be advised on the CAC WhatsApp group.

Volunteers are a crucial part of every athletics and running club. It’s important that we value their contributions, offer help and advice when required, and continue to create a positive volunteering experience for all. 

“Volunteer experience is defined by the interactions and experiences your volunteer has with your club throughout the entire volunteer journey, from first contact to becoming a happy and loyal volunteer”​


  • If your club volunteers are enjoying themselves, there’s a good chance they’ll tell their friends and family about the fantastic work your club is doing. This can be of significant benefit when it comes to recruiting even more volunteers in the future.  

  • If a potential volunteer sees a welcoming environment during their first visit to your club, there’s a high probability they’ll want to join such a positive atmosphere and volunteer at your club. 

  • A positive volunteering culture within your club will enhance the volunteering experience, ensuring that everyone who volunteers at the club feels valued meaning they are more likely to continue volunteering. 

  • Volunteers will feel supported and have the confidence and knowledge to undertake their roles to the best of their ability resulting in the smooth running of the club. 

  • Volunteers who enjoy their role will ultimately impact the experience of your athletes and runners.

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