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Covid 19 and your training

Before describing the potential training activities you can do under the present constraints, I would ask that you all comply with the Government’s advice on Covid 19, especially the Social Distancing Measures requirements. It is for the benefit of you, your fellow runners and the wider community. Link to Government guidance:

Training if you are ill with the virus:


Give your body a chance to fight off the virus, by making all your energy resources available.

Training if recovering from the virus

Listen to your body.

If you think you can do a little, then do so but stop when you tire.

Training if self-isolating

This could be your opportunity to do those strength building exercises which you never get around to, especially core strengthening. All runners need a strong core. It enables progression in performance and helps prevent injury.

Some people find exercising on their own difficult. However, many of the recently shut gyms are providing on-line training sessions with the coach, which could help you do the exercises effectively. I’ll share links to them soon.

Training if not in self-isolation

If you had a race coming up, continue with the training plan. The benefit of the training will make you stronger for when the virus restrictions are lifted and life returns to some kind of normality.

Else just apply the normal principles of endurance training. More on this in future posts.

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