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Club Standards are a big focus for England Athletics. Club Standards have been brought in to improve club governance and provide a greater focus on duty of care for everyone involved in your club. As part of this process, ahead of the new affiliation year, we are asking all athletes and runners to make sure that they have signed up to the relevant Code of Conduct. All registered athletes must sign up to the Senior Athletes or Children and Young People (if under 18) Code of Conduct via the 'CODES OF CONDUCT & LICENSING' page in your myAthleticsprofile. For coaches and volunteers there are additional codes of conduct.

For additional information:-

The UK Athletics (UKA) and the Home Country Athletics Federations (HCAF) Codes of Conduct set out national standards of conduct for all clubs, coaches, officials, volunteers and athletes in the sport.

The 2021 revised codes take account of developments in national policy, guidance and practice. The purpose of the codes are to clarify:

  • what behaviours are acceptable and unacceptable

  • the standards of practice expected from all club members

  • the basis for challenging and improving practice

All club members must agree to the Codes of Conduct relevant to their role(s).

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