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Wins for Ian Barrett and Kate Sackett

CRO Running Week 4 10 km and 1 mile 19 April 2020

This week it was Ian Barrett’s turn to top the table with a fine 40.58 10km run which kept him above 70% in the age grading. It was great to have Jo Musk (41.31) joining us albeit on a treadmill in her garage but to top Ian in the age grading. Jo reports that going on the treadmill is so boring that she ends up making every time a “session” in a desperate attempt to get it over with (!) and hence her fitness levels are improving during lockdown and she is setting an example for us all. Next were Brian Harris (42.54) and Tim Ingham (45.51) two of our most consistent CRO runners as they, like Rachel Barrow (54.53) and Louise Abbott (1.08.09), have managed to hold steady age grading scores across all four distances. We also welcomed Gordon Jones (53.50) and Andy Kilby (52.17) to CRO running and hear that these isolating times have seen Dorian Matts (48.10) run further than he has for many a year. Finally a special cheer for Tim Ingam and Paul Barrow (1.12.58) who entered times for the 1 mile in addition to the 10km. Tim was slightly slower than his last CRO mile (6.26 and 6.15) and Paul (8.53) can be very pleased with his sub 9 minute mile. Finally the only Junior to have a go at the mile this week was 6 year old Philippa Leggate – so a very big clap for her.

Next week, as promised, the distance is back to 5 km – time for all you frustrated and potential parkrunners to have a go. We are also adding a handicap scheme to it, whereby your time will be compared to your previous CRO 5 km time to produce a handicapped score. There will be a way to get over 100% - and that is – to run faster than last time! Anyone lacking a 5 km CRO time will also be included – we can trust Martin to work something out.

The shorter distance this week is 2 km and don’t forget we are collecting a list of marathon times so, if you can possibly motivate yourself to run 26.2 miles please send us your time. Thanks to Tom Purnell and Holly Willis, standards are high.

Finally we are working on two other “events” an intra club team race – if you want to take part email or Whatsapp Martin or via and a interclub race against Running Somewhere Else which Dorian might be persuaded to make happen – please let him know what you think.

Week Ending April 19th, Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 10k any surface


1 Ian Barrett 40.58

2 Jo Musk 41.31

3 Brian Harris 42.54

4 Tim Ingham 45.51

5 Kate Sackett 47.44

6 Dorian Matts 48.10

7 Rob Tuttle 51.42

8 Andy Kilby 52.17

9 Martin Croucher 53.05

10 Gordon Jones 53.30

11 Nick Wall 54.06

12 Rachel Barrow 54.53

13 Karen Higuera 58.13

14 Liza Darroch 1.00.20

15 Ruth Fulford 1.01.27

16 Louise Abbott 1.08.09

17 Paul Barrow 1.12.58


1 Kate Sackett 82.48%

2 Liza Darroch 79.28%

3 Ruth Fulford 78.24%

4 Brian Harris 74.96%

5 Jo Musk 74.33%

6 Ian Barrett 72.28%

7 Dorian Matts 67.93%

8 Gordon Jones 67.21%

9 Andy Kilby 64.27%

10 Tim Ingham 63.58%

11 Rachel Barrow 63.16%

12 Karen Higuera 62.88%

13 Nick Wall 62.11%

14 Rob Tuttle 60.53%

15 Louise Abbott 59.57%

16 Martin Croucher 54.50%

17 Paul Barrow 50.56%

Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 1 mile any surface

Tim Ingham 6.26 or 63.88%

Paul Barrow 8.53 or 57.76%

Philippa Leggate 13.07 or 42.18%

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