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Tuesday day-time Club run session

Dear all,

You have voted and having dealt with the attempted "stop the steal" issue, I can say the majority of you have picked 9 to 10 am for the session on Tuesday 22nd December. Sorry, if that's not a time you can make, but there will still be the usual evening club session on that day.

I will create the Run Session using the RunTogether app. for you to book on to with. Please provide contact details on that (for Track &Trace) and ICE issues.

The session will involve a 2k "loop" so you can do 2, 4, 6 or even 8km of effort if you wish.

There's the opportunity for coffee and cake at the Beano Cafe afterwards (10 o'clock onwards).

See you there,


PS - sorry about the lack of a virtual run session for this week. I have been busy helping a rotund gentleman, in a big red coat, lose some pounds, so that he can squeeze down some chimneys - well, whatever turns you on!

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