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Training during "Lockdown 2"

It is tempting to increase your mileage running with many of the usually available options no longer available. In fact, I saw from Strava posts that many runners did just that during Lockdown 1. Not totally surprising, as we were “allowed” only one exercise session per day, and it was really good weather. However, significant increases in mileage can result in injury. The principles that most coaches work on, is to only increase the mileage for each training block (typically four to six weeks) by 10% or two miles, whichever is the greatest. Running results in shock loads of 5 to 6 times body weight and a significant increase in mileage, is liable to create issues that could result in injury. It is much better to spend additional activity time on low impact exercises, e.g. strength type exercises, riding a bike, or just walking more.

With no races for a while, we do not need to be running that fast either. A focus on speed endurance and fitness should result in longer sessions. If you do wish to keep a speed session in your training why not have a go at the weekly CRO runs. They are of different lengths and you can choose your own routes.

Heads Up :

I intend to provide sessions that you can run in place of the Tuesday evening club session each week. So watch out for news on that tomorrow.

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