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The party goes on

Just when you thought it was all over – some more ‘35’ triumphs joined our Anniversary celebrations. Great to have Lesley, Becks, Fi , Nina and Lee joining us and, with Sophie back running in Sydney, we suspect the rest of the Chudley family had little choice but it sounds like they had a GREAT (and logistically challenging) day. No fewer than 74 members have now contributed their ‘35’ activities to the fun. But it is not too late to add to the club’s story – ANYTHING generating the number 35 count - see previous Newsfeeds for more details.

Lesley Hinsley and Rebecca Collier

Lesley and Becks decided that running 35k together would tick the box perfectly. They covered the ground in 3 hours 47 minutes putting the world to rights as they ran.

Fiona Collings

Fiona did her own monster session of 35 x 100m. Not sure we would get many takers for this on a Tuesday evening mind you!!

Sophie, Alex, Millie and Izzie Chudley

Team Chudley decided to run their own 35km relay adventure from Manley to Bondi Beach, inspired by their love of the annual Cotswold Way Race.

Leg 1 - Sophie - Manly Wharf to Neutral Bay - 10km - a surprisingly damp and chilly start

Leg 2 - Alex and Izzy - Neutral Bay to Circular Quay - 4km - Millie and Sophie had a 10 minute wait for the ferry, which also had three stops before Circular Quay, so arrived after Alex and Izzy.

Leg 3 - Millie and Sophie - Circular Quay to Rose Bay - 7.5km. Even with a 20 min head start on Alex and Izzy’s ferry, it wasn’t quite enough given the ferry only took 13 minutes to get to Rose Bay. A few navigational issues and a bug-in-eye issue meant we only made the next connection by 3 mins!

Leg 4 - Alex - Rose Bay to Watson’s Bay - 5km. An easy win for the ferry as it was only a 10 minute journey. We stopped for fish and chips to refuel and weigh Alex down for the final leg.

Leg 5 - Alex - Watson’s Bay to Bondi Beach - 8.5km - Alex had to run round South Head so the girls and I took a more direct route and jog/walked until we got overtaken. We then hopped on a bus to get to the Bondi lifeguard station in time to see Alex cross the finish.

Nina and Lee Lawrence

Lee was another who took the longer approach to the challenge by running 35km in just over 3 hours. Nina, who many might say, took the smarter approach, completed 3.5 miles.

CRO 5 kms

This week also saw a return to CRO running and several firsts. A first CRO run for Pam Wheeler whose slow and steady recovery from injury has been managed in exemplary style and a first CRO too, with a fine time and 3rd place, for junior Isobel Watt. Finally Brian Harris crashed his way through the twenty minute barrier to run his first 5k in 19.55 although this was still not enough to catch Ian Barrett who retained his first place with another 19.33. Kate Sackett’s late result puts her in 4th place and Rachel Ranger grabbed 5th having swapped back from trails to faster roads again. Martin Croucher, James Widdowson and Andy Kilby also improved their times as did the ever improving Louise Abbott and Rachel Barrow.

Some people have been asking for a CRO Half Marathon – to make up for all those cancellations through the spring. So if you want to have a go – we are giving you plenty of notice so that you can prepare properly.

Plans for the next few weeks are:

Week beginning:

July 6th 1 mile

July 13th 5 kms

July 20th 10 kms

July 27th 5 kms

August 3rd 1 mile

August 10th 5 kms

August 17th 5 kms (again – sorry – but anything rather than another 1 mile!!)

August 24th Half Marathon (13.1 mile/21 km) OR 10 kms.

All you have to do is run, record your time and email with the details.

Week Ending July 5th, Cirencester Runs On (CRO), 5k any surface


1 Ian Barrett 19.33

2 Brian Harris 19.55

3 Isobel Watt 21.42

4 Kate Sackett 22.59

5 Rachel Ranger 23.51

6 James Widdowson 24.15

7 Andy Kilby 25.21

8 Rachel Barrow 26.02

9 Martin Croucher 26.50

10 Ruth Fulford 28.16

11 Liza Darroch 28.26

12 Rupert Chesmore 28.26

13 Louise Abbott 30.58

14 Paul Barrow 32.16

15 Pam Wheeler 32.57


1 Kate Sackett 83.46%

2 Ruth Fulford 82.35%

3 Liza Darroch 81.86%

4 Brian Harris 77.49%

5 Ian Barrett 73.27%

6 Isobel Watt 71.75%

7 Rachel Ranger 68.48%

8 Rachel Barrow 65.96%

9 Louise Abbott 64.80%

10 Andy Kilby 63.62%

11 Pam Wheeler 61.84%

12 James Widdowson 57.69%

13 Rupert Chesmore 56.21%

14 Paul Barrow 54.87%

15 Martin Croucher 51.73%


To work out the handicap score, your last 5k run has been used. Your original time divided by your new time has produced a percentage. Any percentage higher than 100, means you have run quicker this week. For people whom this run is their first 5k performance, I have simply given them 100.

1 Rachel Ranger 115.24

2 Brian Harris 104.19

3 Martin Croucher 101.74

4 James Widdowson 100.76

5 Andy Kilby 100.47

6 Louise Abbott 100.44

7 Rachel Barrow 100.33

8 Kate Sackett 100.30

9= Ian Barrett 100

9= Pam Wheeler 100

9= Isobel Watt 100

12 Ruth Fulford 97.41

13 Liza Darroch 97.31

14 Paul Barrow 96.96

15 Rupert Chesmore 85

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