Sunday morning runs are back!!

Hello All, 

During lock-down and since I'm sure that we have exhausted all of the runs near to our homes. With an eye on a lovely change and an awareness of social distancing (and perhaps no coffee afterwards) I am looking for "running buddies" on the Sunday runs that so many of us did before th

is new reality descended upon us. 

The change is that we, myself in particular, are much older now so the pace has had to slow. The plan is to use the Daglingworth loop as the basis of an eight mile or so run so the format looks like this:

Each Sunday

9:00 a.m.  as socially distanced start from the Leisure Centre

9 minute mile pace

Eight plus miles (not more than ten).

No one left behind unless by their choice

Mostly tracks and roads as usual with two or three brief stops

As before the run will be informal so no need to check in beforehand. In the past four or five folks was the average and it is a good opportunity to do a middle distance at a fair pace and we'll all improve over the weeks and hopefully months to come.

I would be delighted to see some or all of you again.


Tony Shelbourn

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