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Running a CRO mile

Always deceptive, the road run mile is a tough challenge for all especially those of us who like to run long and slow off road. How, we ask, do we warm up properly for a mile and then how should we pace it? Not so everyone – Ian Barrett, with 5.27, bettered his previous time to stay top of the Gun time and Handicap lists – only his age is against him! The ever reliable (and improving?) Brian Harris also cut seconds off to finish in 5.45. Very exciting to see Gordon Jones running his 1st CRO mile with his impressive 6.11 (only 3 seconds slower than his time last year at Bourton) bringing him a well deserved top of the age grading not to mention 3rd fastest. Next home was Jo Musk with 6.15 to be followed by Tim Ingham (6.27) and Gary Woods and Dorian Matts together with 6.38. Gary is clearly still going well on those marathon fit legs and both he and Paul Barrow report significant improvement on recent years (age related PBs if you like). Finally the three grannies continue to fight their way to the top of the age graded and handicapped lists. Liza Darroch, Ruth Fulford and Louise Abbott all managed to knock the seconds off their previous times to earn high places in the lists that recognize anything other than speed! Maybe they finally found a flat mile to run – we will watch the next mile event starting June 1st with interest!!

All this improvement – and the odd very slight slip - make it hard to create even teams but Martin did a great job with the victorious Team 3 (Jo Musk, Paul Barrow, Rupert Chesmore, Rachel Barrow, Gordon Jones) 14 seconds ahead of Team 4 (Brian Harris, Liza Darroch, Martin Croucher, Karen Higuera, Dorian Matts). We understand that Team 3 was significantly boosted by Mr and Mrs Barrow who were late to hear of their responsibilities to a team and so made a last minute dash having celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary with plenty of curry and Prosecco the night before.

What Next?

Week beginning:

18th May 5 km including a “Ross Barkley” option – see below in case you missed last week

25th May 5 miles or 2 km

1st June an opportunity to go off road or have a go at any distance over 10 k you fancy maybe doing 26.2 miles (but only if you feel suitably prepared) otherwise a CRO rest. If you do run and want the time recorded – just email distance and time in as usual.

8th June 1 mile including team event

Results for CRO 1 mile week beginning 11th May


1 Ian Barrett 5.27

2 Brian Harris 5.45

3 Gordon Jones 6.14

4 Jo Musk 6.15

5 Tim Ingham 6.27

6= Gary Wood 6.38

6= Dorian Matts 6.38

8 Rachel Ranger 7.01

9 Rupert Chesmore 7.12

10 Andy Kilby 7.24

11 Rob Tuttle 7.27

12 Rachel Barrow 7.35

13 Martin Croucher 7.59

14 Liza Darroch 8.28

15 Paul Barrow 8.33

16 Ruth Fulford 8.44

17 Louise Abbott 9.33


1 Gordon Jones 81.32%

2 Liza Darroch 81.20%

3 Ruth Fulford 79.21%

4 Brian Harris 78.84%

5 Ian Barrett 77.21%

6 Jo Musk 70.20%

7 Dorian Matts 69.54%

8 Rachel Ranger 69.25%

9 Rachel Barrow 67.42%

10 Rupert Chesmore 65.21%

11 Andy Kilby 64.01%

12 Tim Ingham 63.71%

13 Gary Wood 62.44%

14 Louise Abbott 61.57%

15 Paul Barrow 60.82%

16 Rob Tuttle 59.32%

17 Martin Croucher 51.07%


To work out the handicap score, your original 1mile run during the week ending the 5th April has been used. Your original time divided by your new time has produced a percentage. Any percentage higher than 100, means you have run quicker this week. For people whom this run is their first 1 mile performance, I have simply given them 100.

1 Ian Barrett 105.51

2 Liza Darroch 104.53

3 Louise Abbott 103.15

4 Ruth Fulford 102.87

5 Brian Harris 102.61

6 Martin Croucher 102.51

7 Dorian Matts 101.26

8= Rupert Chesmore 100

8= Gordon Jones 100

8= Andy Kilby 100

8= Gary Wood 100

8= Rob Tuttle 100

8= Paul Barrow 100

8= Jo Musk 100

15 Rachel Ranger 97.15

16 Tim Ingham 96.90

17 Rachel Barrow 96.05


NB: I have used the previous 1 mile times of any runner who decided not to race this week, to produce a final team result.

1st Team 3 – Jo Musk, Paul Barrow, Rupert Chesmore, Rachel Barrow, Gordon Jones – 35.49

2nd Team 4 – Brian Harris, Liza Darroch, Martin Croucher, Karen Higuera, Dorian Matts – 36.03

3rd Team 2 – Ian Barrett, Ruth Fulford, Andy Kilby, Kate Sackett, Rob Tuttle – 36.12

4th Team 1 – Tim Ingham, Louise Abbott, Nick Wall, Rachel Ranger, Gary Wood – 36.46

Ross Barkley 5km for week beginning 18th May Ross Barkley is a footballer, but he posted a 5k time on Strava which was stupidly quick. Essentially he only recorded his efforts on his watch, he kept stopping and starting.

The idea is for you to see how quickly you could run a 5k. Anything goes, you could sprint as far as you can, stop and recover and sprint off again?? You could find a hill and run down it, stop your watch, recover, walk back up and then run down again (and again). For example the slope in Cirencester park towards the gate would provide a lovely kind incline. (Note to self: make sure you have warmed up well before you start.)

Agreed it sounds crazy and kind of meaningless but fun all the same – imagine if you could get your breath back after each lap of the Cirencester parkrun!!

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